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i'm lost in your eyes
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Friday, January 9, 2009 @ 3:09 PM
terrible horrible
ah T__T really really . i got a terrible and horrible , what else , worse FLU ever . aaah running nose . i hate that, and this really the worse one . i really can't concentrate at school today , make me feel so damn SICK . ah T_T
i haven't eat my lunch today,i dont have selera makan (appetite*?* ) ah g tau lah bhs inggrisnya apa -_-'
ah strong baby is playing now . man !
ah so random =_="

ah can't wait to see hongki mcing @inkigayoo
YAAAY ! hahaha
apalgi yah .
holy crab! i miss him T__T oppppaaaaaaaa
kmana aja *halah*
crack crack crack

addduh mana pengembangan diri ga boleh pindah lagi
aku mau di komputer T_T
cameraman ga seru ah THH gurunya =_="
crap crap crap !
bye ladies (hahah i just type what i heard ) XDD seungri omygah babeh
what now?AAH COUGHH! i hate these two suck flu and cough T_T
ah tak tau lagi lah aku
i am starving now . =_="
bye ladies