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Sunday, December 28, 2008 @ 2:17 PM
LOLs . oh my god , so this early morning around 1 to 2am , i just finished downlod idols show of 2pm ep 4? . hahaha XD usually there is girl right , but you know , 2am come out suddenly , and they were"mwo ya , ka ka ka " LOLs ,. i really really can't stop laugh when i watch this
from start till the end , and i was like rolling on the floor when kwon's start to dancing and when khun , sang to him inorae song . his face was like , omygosh . really ~~ this is really made me laugh so hard . hahaha XDDDD

so i caps the most interesting part ne XDD hahah bbobbo LOL's changmin is so napsu to kiss junsu and omygosh i really really love this episode , hahaha khun is so freaking hilarious , kyaaaa love love . and taec oppaaaa omygosh , he carried seulong oppaa ,man ~ !! what a namja , wakakak XDDD

and ohmygosh ROCK PRINCE ROCCCKS !!!!
oneday island

omygod XDD
khun and wooyoung ~~ MY GOSH , these 2 guys really drive me crazy . hahaaaaaa