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Monday, April 20, 2009 @ 10:03 PM
we love each other

hahaha today was so gokil hahaha
we took a lot of pictures keke
i really love you guys heheheh


bye bye medaaaann
Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 8:33 PM
cahaya bulan
oh man ! eno is so freaking got baybeh hahahaaha
yes right ! i watched netral's performance last night
it was so freaking awesome hahah at first i was like
hm netral is not really my kind of music so i was just go there without thinking else XD wth
so the hours before the concert
hm me and my friends were like , memorize all the netral's song haha
the songs that we can sing along are " SORRY " , " I LOVE YOU " , and "LINTANG"
haha actually i know all the songs LOL but i can't memorize the lyrics i just know the melody haha
like " cahaya bulan " , "cinta gila" and "pertempuran hati" hahaha
i was just bang my head LOL with the melody
for the opening/begining , it was started on 9pm , haha i;'ve been there since 7pm
2 hours hahah it;s okay , because the opening bands one of the opening band is from my school , heheh that's our senior , they did a great job [=
hm so at 9pm ,so they were all like gathered togethere infront of the stage , i was sat on the upstair , no i mean like sat , you know it's like a hall , so i think you can imagine it hehehe
hm , so .
ENO IS LIKE COMING UP TO THE STAGE AND OMG !! with just wore the his shortpants , without any tshirt or sleeveless like he like to wear , no clothes in the up , what we call that in english , half clothes , okay whatever
and so , he started play the drums and OMG he was just too awesome to be real LOL
his hand so quick , like really quick to kill the drum HAHAHAH
and then the others two came up to the stage
i forgot what song did they sing it first hahahaha
OMG there were so LOUD LOUD AND LOUD
and i was like terbawa suasana . hahaha i screamed a lot too that night hahahaha
i hope i dont lose my voice soon hahaha
hm and , in the middle of the concert , there;'re some people who want to mess the show , i mean like wtf , get your own problem outside ,but not here , we want enjoy the concert
and so the vocalist of netral , if i'm not mistaken , his name is bagus , hm , said to calm down and stay peace [= you rock om hahahXD udah tua dia soalnyee LOL
oh man , i really love that perf last night
i never really think that this will be so ROCK hahahahaha . i was just like "oh yeah yeah , " at first hahaha
i din regret to go that concert last night , freaking ROCK hahahahhahahaa
so yeah
i just can upload one pic because , i havent edit it and resize it
last night was awesome
buttt the sad thing , i can';t meet my classmatee


Friday, April 17, 2009 @ 9:35 PM
haru biru
apanya ini blog
belom lagi ku tulis entryannya udah di post sama dia
THH x bah
aduh malas x ngepost pake bhsa inggris
ga keluar uneg2 aku kalo ngepost pake bhs inggris
bahasa indonesia saja lah MANTAPS hahahahahha
lbh keluar gtu lebih KELUAARRRRRRRRRRRR
hahaha besok bakalan nonton netrak yoooo
hahahaha walaupun aku g tau2 x lagunya mereka haha
ini aja lagi ngapal2 lagunya netral keke
biar ga kampong x nantik

eh tau kelen ?? speedy itu emank shyet x lah ya kan
bayangin aja yah woy '
udah 20 x lbh x ini speede ee udah dc
sabar x aku udah ama kau ee
ya allah keluar kan kamus2 ku T__T
udah bnr2 makan hati aku , minum teh botol sosro lah yah
ntah ada apa dgn malam ini , dc2 aja pon ,
jadi ga bisa skype ama poppy T__T
pdahal kan minggu depan aku ga bisa ol2
besok juga ga bisa
tapi mo nonton netral ya kan hahahaha
bakalan banyak ketemu anak2 harapan ini kayaknya haha
maenkan woy*apa coba*

wes minggu depan liburrrr
trus masuk skull
dgr2 kabar burungnya minggu depannya libur lagi , mantapssss
tapi banyak tugas lah we , sama saja lah itu
belajr dirumah wakakakakkaa

eh si tary tadi sms aku , debby juga ngemessage di fb
katanya senin mau reunian anak2 smp dulu
asek2 , ampek sore ya woy , aku paginya buat tugas dolo . hahaha
poto2 kita yah
eh lagu netral cinta gila enak woy haha*basi x aku*
wey , FYI for your information yah guys
biar tau kaliannnn
pas nulis ini entryyyy
aku udah dc sebanyak 2x OMFG
bencik kali kan kek gini , apa ga makan hati dc2 mulu ughhhhhhh
aduh sakit leherku woooy , hahaha ntah apa2 aja si dita ni
eh kemaren kan di les , maen uno lah hahaha
enak x rupanya unonya
si zur itu kan yah pake uangku pun belinya dia yg nyimpen kartu unoonya
walah walah ~ hahahaha
minggu depan pergi ke malaysia . hahaha berobat si mamah ,
LOLs .
asek lah liburan hahahahaha ~~
minggu depan ga bisa ol deh jadinya 5 hari ~ dont miss me girls*halah sapa juga yg bakalan rindu ama kau dit*

anjrit x lah pokoknya ini speedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 @ 9:43 PM
it's not that

hahah listening to hong , hyun and hun @ shim2 tapa hahaha
guys what i said about the prev post
honestly , it's not that i forget abut what to share hahah
it's because when i want to write it , i will think to the english words too , so yeah hahahahha
i think you can get what i mean *sigh* my english lish lish lish bad d d d d d d
it's getting worse . you can compare it to the other prev post hehehe
i need to study and learn and study english
to YOU who fluent in english TEACH ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE
i really need it .
ah now i realized , english is not AN EASY thing . sigh sigh
oh my brain lemme write a long long long long entry hehe
omg hongki's sound is so cute , hehe a radio should contract him as their DJ hehe maybe with seunghyun hehehe they are so good at this thing . hoho
many honghyun's moment lately hahah and hongchul
LOL listening to his voice make me smiling ling ling heheh
hahaha omg and seunghyun omg >_> i really want to laugh out loud hahah
shindong shinyoung hahah omg
they need to come to other radio hahahah go go DJ HONGHYUN hahahhaha
they were like playing an audio fanfic or something like that haha so cutee
eventhough i can't understand all of their conversation haha
i just laugh when they start to laugh kekeke
i hope i din get mess with seunghyun and jonghun's voice hahah XD
their voice sounds alike hehe
hm and random thing ~ i want to change my blog skin
but i havent find the right one *hahah i even havent start to find it* hehe

next weeekkkk holiday hahahah
where will i go yeah hahahah
i really need to breath fresh air hahahaha
aah i miss my oppppaaa
and today so tired
ah i dunno what to write more
ah i hate this part of mine
suddenly lost of mind aih aih ah
SORRY SORRY hahaha it's so cute to see hongki and suju dance a lil bit @inkigayo hahahah
hongchul is so ^*%*&%*(


hongki oppa be careful hahaha
i really like it omg
they laugh so hard@shim2 tapa
i really want to know what're talking about >_>

oh you know what guys hahahahhaha
today my mom picked me up from school yeha
and and after that when right after i got into the car
my mom was like " do you want to drive it "
hahah i was like " OKAY " hahaha
did i tell you ? i am learning to drive YEAAAH haha
soon i will get my SIM or hm what it's called , hmm the card ah whatever you call it haha
so it's the first time , driving from schook to home hahah it took 1 hoursss gee gee gee
i was so nervous that time haha and i was like DOWN hahahahah
but it successs yaaaaaaayyyyyy
so happy so happpy *dance dance*

hm lately i listen to vierra's songs all day
so addicting
esp perih , bersamamu , dan rasa ini
LOVE IT kekekek

ah time to end the post lkekekekek

and i will do the tag2 later girls <333


@ 6:47 PM
five treasure island

today i will post a long long long entry hahaha wish me luck gosh
man it's already 2 yearssss 2 years
i can say it's a long time since i can not betah dengan satu orang
omg i can't believe it's already 2 years heehe
hongbaba ily more and more hahah a
lemme tell you a story about the historical '14 april 2007'
so at the time i was a suju fans *iamstilltoday* haha but i am officially a PRIMADONNA now :D
so i was like foruming @ a suju forum and i was like want to click a topic
the topic was about there's a boy who looks like kangin
so i was like so hyper*hahahkanginwasmyfavbeofre*hehehe and i was like OMG HE'S SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE even cuter than kangin hahahahah
so i found out that he's a vocalist for a band . i was like A BAND ? A BAND man ~ hahahah and directly when i know their forum which is loveft-i . I JOIN and stay all day i remember it's saturday night hm or sunday haha :3 i joined and then i found their old selfca and other stuffs there
it made me love them more and moreeee omg i was like so so loveeee them
after that they debuted i really want to see their showcase @ mnet
and i waited for hours to watch it but the broadcast was delayed or something man i was so sad that time ):
ahai ~ remember for the first time i heard hongki sang FT ISLAND and wonbin too i was like goosebumps and scream hahahahah
and for their debutt *faint* hahahaha
OMG T_T FT ISLAND I L Y guysssss
oh i feel like wanna cry *huks*
many many things happen for the pas 2 years
thanks god i can met them onceee hahahaha butuh perjuangan besar buat itu >_>
only 9 months after i like them i can meet them
bad and good things happened
suddenly what i want to post is gone somewhere because too many things to share about
but i forgot *iamaforgetfulpersoniknowit* T_T
man i really thanks for know ftisland , coz i really got a lot of friends
and now they will be and forever will be ma best friends ~
YOU GUYS ROCK !! aduh aduh .
only fti who can take my money fly somewhere haha for the 1st time , their cheerful sensibility is the 1st korean album that i bought . i am so proud of it LOL
whattheheckamitalkingabout -_-;


ft island :

what should i write again , huh ?
i am not that good at words and stuffs
so that someone maybe you XD think that i am a what's that called scared person maybe?hahahah

♥이홍기 ♥FT아일랜드 ♥
@ 6:44 PM
April 14 , 2009
HONGTA foreveer yo !!!
Monday, April 13, 2009 @ 10:23 PM
tageed by laifunnie and tasha <3
hahah hongki yeah

1. Do you like this person?
WELL YEAH YOU CAN SEE IT RIGHT hahahah sorry caps lock ;_;

2. How do you call this person?
hong2 my hong myhongseuta abanghong hahah XD

3. Which colour do you associate with this person?
PINK ? hahaha such a soft but*eh?* hahah
or maybe black
so it's like the combination of black and pink haha

4. Looking at his/her character, what blood type do you think he/she has?
AB hahahahah lol AB MAN !! hahah you can he is a LANGKA person

5. What do you want to tell that person?
you can't imagine until you meet him

6. What do you want to do with this person: hug, kiss or shake hands?
hahahhahhahahah and plus screamm kekeke

7. Pick five of your friends and pick one person for them
Tiwi - Jaejin
Poppy - Seunghyun XD
Chaku - Yunho
Iera - Chansung
Siszy - Wonbin
Friday, April 10, 2009 @ 10:21 PM
photo time hahaha
okay then hahaha
yesterday was election day in Indonesia
oh man ! hahah everyone look so busy especially to bapak2 petugas PTS hahah
include my dad , geee he finished the voting @ abut 2 am in the morning
ohhh T_T

yesterday i went out with ayie ,annis and k ayu
hahaha XD
man we took a lot of pictures so yeah hahaha
here are the result XD kekeke

nothing really interesting these days
-___- hufffff

^this one is my fav , we are so expressive arent we hahaha *wink*

^this one too hahaha

this one look like polaroid but the white border is hardly to see right , hehe XD

hahahah and my solo pictures
i took those in this morning LOL i just woke up and i was like
oh i want to take picture hahahah XDD rofl
look at my sleppy face and when you see the bigger ver of this you can see my black hole wtelf XDDD


gosh ~~

charming vocalist ~~ i love yaa
i really can't wait for the i believe myself to release hahahahahah a

Sunday, April 5, 2009 @ 7:45 PM
i feel no energy to write a new entry lately
yooo i dont know why
maybe because i feel so tired lately and i sleep earlier than before

i will edit later
hahha a
i need to take a bath now