feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Thursday, September 17, 2009 @ 3:20 AM
사랑아 ~ 들어봐~
내 사랑아 ~들고있나요?
나 니가침 그립다
오늘 우리 채팅했어 ㅋㅋ
나 참 행복해 ~

okay it's my fault
why did i download Lee seung chul song ?
i downloaded it just becausee of YOU okay
i feel like 70% no maybe about 80%?? of my entries are about YOU ~
you're inspiring me to make the entries about you and it's just flowing like water hahaah
when it comes to you , i think i can write as long as i can *lebay* hahah
you don't have any idea how happy i was when i saw that !!! THAT !! okay
"that" you said that you'll neva show me eventhough we'll meet next year*well i hope so* xDD
oh dear ,
why always YOU YOU YOU !!!
i'm kind of confused ? why did i fall for you ? why did i must fall you ? why YOU , why you who live so far away from me !
oh gosh these lee seung chul's song sure make me remember you T^T

사랑 참 어렵다 ~
yes this love is so hard hahaha XD
oh my it's been 1 year since i knew you hahaha
it was me who ask you first @ that site
and then you replied my email , and i was thought that YOU WERE the 1st to send the email hahah xD
but later i found out that I WAS the one who send the email
how embarassing hahaah XD hope you din remember it
사랑아~ why do i feel so happy just talk about you ? when i remember you when i see you online , eventhough we can't chat properly lately
and like today !! T__T i kind of disappointed
HOW COME HOW COMEEE you didnt know MY ID
hello sunshine ~ did my email change ? no right T__T what the heck you realized later that i am ditaaaa , dita who always think about you , you have no idea , how thumping thumping i am when you said HI last time T___T
and and and and when it was your vacation , and there was this night when suddenly you called me omygod , my heart surely thumped so hard that time oh god , if i can record the heart beat hahaha XD i will show you LOLs
why why why ? and you know what sunshineeee
why my connection goes well when you dont want to talk to me , and why my connection goes worst when it looks like you want to have a talk T_T sometime i curse my connection and blame it
and i thought that i dont get permission from connection to have a nice talk with you
you knowww how sad i am :(
oh gosh this lee seung chul's voice is killing me . hahah , he sure is great singer . no wonder you like him,sunshine .
Sunshine ,please dont bored with me * that's really my hope T^T* because you know , i am not the person who can talk well ,or can tell you some joke and make you laugh, but but i really am happy when you type HAHAH or hehe or ㅋㅋ
oh my god , that really makes me HAPPY , maybe it just as simple thing but for me it worth to death haah XD

i really don't know what to do , if he find this out , i might be feel so SHAME SHAMEE T^T
but this is real okay , this is what i feel , this is what i want to say to you *perhaps someday*-ngayal-
omygod so lee seung chul's my girl is playing now
and there is this sentence 널 사랑해 you're my sunshine
see , sunshinee ? even lee seung chul want to deliver my feeling to you hahaha
you're my everything 그렇게 널 사랑해 ~

oh my sunshineee :D
사랑해~ <3

oh and the moving star song by lee seung chul
there is "sunshine" word tooo hahaha :D
i really wish that i am the one who called you sunshineeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
muach ~ hahahaha