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i'm lost in your eyes
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 5:35 AM
what if
okay this is the 2nd time , please underlined it guysss 2nd TIMEEE T^T
seriously i hate my self like this , why must i being so careless ? why am i a careless person T__T
ya know , it the 2nd timeeeee i lost my ipod , i guessss , i still can't find it until NOW , i really dunno where to find it anymore .. really sad , pathetic ? okay whatever

i already lost myvery first ipod , and that was really make me depressed back the time .
beneran lah , g tau itu aku letak dimana , udah di cari di kamar ga ada , kamar mama juga ga ada , ilangkah ? hilang lagi kah ?? aku g mau T__T .
udah 2 x aku ilangin , kesannya aku ceroboh*emank iya siyh ):* huksss
gimana ini , kalo ga ketemu2 lagi hukssssssssssssssssss
cem kaya kali aku bah T^T eh salah , ortu ku maksudnya ,
seenaknya aja ngilangin barang2 kek gtuu
oh mama oh papa , maafkan anakmu yg ceroboh ini T___T
susah ya ma pa punya anak bisanya minta dan ngilangin doank aishssss
i feel so baddd
나쁜 딸이야 나~
어떻게 ㅠㅠ 아 진짜 몰라 ~~~