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Monday, September 7, 2009 @ 10:33 AM
i am officially 17 yay
you knowww . last septh 5th was birthday , do you know that ? i was planning to write an entry right after i finished the party , but then connection didn't allow me to do that you know , speedy didn't want to make me feel happy at my sweet seventeen party , i can know understand that speedy does not want me to be overhappy or over excited , ck ck .
my birthday was so fun , the boys came with motorcycle and for your information , it was raining that night , heavy rain , they wore their plastic jacket but then they still got wet , poor them but also i give my 2 thumb for thme to came over my house that we can tell far from their house haha .Thanks guyssssss i love you so much , and thanks for the pretty gifts hahah you guys know me well yeah . <3
i will post some pictures here later heheh :D .anyway somethin is missin on my birthday , sunshine did not online and he probably doesn't know my birthday . but moon came at that night , make me a little happy haha i didn't show it coz you know hahahah for some people that know me well , they know the reason .kkk
but to be honest , hm i dunno why , i love my last birthday than this birthday , anyway is still bersyukur*lupa ingnya* that all families gathered together hehe :3 that one of the hikmah in my birthday hehe and that moon came too , eventhough yeah hahaha i know he's with someone else now , i can tell by his gesture that night .
how i hope sunshine remembers my birthday hehe ,i wish .
oh you know , yesterday jihun was online , hahah i miss talk to him so much , he's so funny LoL .
i am happy that i can talk to him again , coz it's been years , seriously half years hahah
omygod what happened with photobucket , i can't post the picturee noww T__T oh dang ! .
if i use the blogspot uploader , i kinda lazy hahah , the quality is different eventhough when u click the thumbnail , it will show you the real size , but yeah i just dont want to use that heheh .
i miss skype-ing with poppy T___T .i remember my bday last year , i was skype-ing with tiwi and poppy.OH !! i remembered something .on my birthday , it was fti indo gathering toooo , so suddenly they called me haha 3G yeaaah , i can see all of them hahah i am happy coz they called me hehehe .:D but they said that they can't see me ?T_T but i am happy to see them , i miss to meet them so mucch aaargh .
in this september , there are many people celebrate their birthday hehe , like a song said that "september ceria "which means "happy september" haha seriously , in this 8th sept , there are 8 persons will celebrate their birthday hahahaha :D one of them is my teacher . hahah talking about teacher i remembered school and school is on vacation make me remembered about homeworkS ! yes ,i havent even touch my books , haha i am PLANING to do half of them today , let's see if i can make it . hahah seriously i am a lazy butt LOL XDDD
omygod , isnt today is physics course time ? i havent take a bath oh nooo maaaaan , zur is helping my mom outside there , she forgot ? omygod i need to take quick bath noww
i will post the picturess later ~~
ciaaaaaaaooo ~