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i'm lost in your eyes
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 10:22 PM
septemberrr lagi 8D hahaha
todaaay is annis bday hahah
so i went to her little party haha.hm went to accademy first , omg i think my pahala today is not really good , hahah bang fay really disturb our pahala OMG T__T puasaaa loh bang fay dasaaar emankk ga bisaa diiilangin itu dia hahaha XDD
tentor2 m2c mmg gokil lah , eseeehh kata bang fay hahaha XDDD

i ate ayam penyet @ iga2 bakso *promosi* hahaha XDD
and after finished eating and treated by annis
we went to MCD ringroad and i just bought spicy chicken and mcflurry milo hmm yummyy haha
i ate a lot today
seriously A LOT hahaha XDD after that my cousin wants to eat Kerang [bahasa inggrisnya apa yaah , lupaaa ] hahaha
oh my god , i really need to finish all my tasks soon and then relaxxxxx HAHAHAhA need help from m2c gokil tentors HAHHAHA <3

countdown : 4 days XDDD