feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @ 7:25 PM
oh my god , so full T__T i think i din eat a lot but feel so full hahaha
and feel a little stomache aw aw . atit eyut D:
i am so bored right now my friend huhu
i don't know what to do , oh i miss mom's cooking T__T
full day of downloading , haha , download download and download , that's all i can do right now haha
tayang is sleeping>_> i bet she's so tired and seriously she need more sleeep
kasiaan laaah matanyaa pysangg , and ntarn sakit pulak , dont be sick la darling D;<-- dont want it happen to youuuuuuuuuuuu

oh it's vacation but then
what the &^&%&* , ughh okay stop complaining and do your homeworks ditaaa !
HAHAHA but i am so lazyyyy , what should i doooooooooo? to erase this lazyness , ck ck
aah i am out of ideaa , i hate myself like this
and this one boyyyy is away , shyeeet or is he just pretend away ?? T__T whyy ??
i miss talking to him , joking around , he's the way too serious lately , okay maybe hm he's thinking about the final exam or something ,anyway gud luck to himm , sigh i wanna talk i wanna talk i wanna chaat with himm

i am searching for cn bluee links but cant find it , wanna buy the album but dont have money hahahaha
and i heard that fti's new single will be out at october , <_< oh i hope i have enough money to buy it that time hahaha AMINNN
oh boyyyyyyyy pleaseee talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T___T