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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 1:35 PM
ha ! today was succes *ihope* haha

today exams are biology and computer wkwkwkw . i have no idea what did i do today , hahah i just circle it LOLs. but for the biology , thanks GOD , i learn the essay test one , so i can answer it*nanya2 dikit lahXDDD* hahahaha 

i am so bored right now T__T what should i do right now , i want to edit some pictures hmm . aaaaaah wednesday's test areeeeee arabic and physics OMG , my two weakness OMG T_T i really can't do physics hiks >_>

hey jaejin looks so extremely hmm cool? hahah XDDD *peace wi* g tau kenapa suka ama picnya dia yg distu wi , cakepppp abessss hahahah :D kangen deh ama jini , udah lama gtu ga liat dia , hahahaha :D makin cakeeep isssh , ada kumisnya omo hahahaha a


hahahah poto lama , baru diedit siyh haha a:D 

oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ampir saja lupa :D 

tangal 13 kemrin my school held a graduation day for our seniors , hehehe :D so many people there , the parents , our seniors ect . hahaha so i am going to share some pictures . kekeke my pictures of courseeeee LOLS 

before the show , i play @ansamble :D 

after the ansamble hahah :D someone caught my attention ;)


^i think alpen took this ?forgot ahha XDDD


^and this last night haha when i was so stress with the biology wkwkww 

jjah ~ i really like the t-max song nappeun maeum something hahaha :D i miss blogging hahahahha XDDDD