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Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 10:14 PM
same side of the moon
have you guys ever heard same side of the moon by corinne may ?
if not try to google it and listen to it
it such a nice and slow song and really make me feel so warm
and the lyrics T__T
omygod , it really match with my condition right nowww


I'm looking out the window
Where we sat to watch the stars
There's a chill within the air
It makes my heart long for your touch
You may be miles away
But as I kneel to pray

I see the same side of the moon
That we'll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space can't come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you'll never see all the tears shine through
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon

I picture you across the ocean
In your corner of the world
I pray the wind will blow my voice
And gently whisper in your ear
Your night may be my day
And though the seasons change

It's still the same side of the moon
That we'll be looking on when the world turns blue
And know that time and space can't come between me and you
We share the same side of the moon
And though you'll never see all the tears shine through
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon
I know I can't be that far from you
If we're both looking on the same side of the moon

ohmygod so sweet
thanks to kak shi2 who introduces me to this song hehe
she really know the good song 8D hahaha
@ 5:12 PM
hongstar <3
hihi do you know lee hongki ? if you don't know , i will come to your house and kick your ass hahah kidding . so today , you can see my prev post , it's so so so hm bad mood ? yess but then , i was so boredd today ,and then i went to a FTI forum and then click a topic , hahah omg T__T
hongkiiinyaaa aduh aduhh .i really can't wait for his drama ,october 7th wait for me hahahah , hongki look so gorgeous , omg there is no word that can describe him , haha i love him i love him so much , he can make me smile when i feel so down , i swear , i be so excited after i see this picture hahaha ,*is this the AIB picture that sista mention in her blog ? * well i dunno , but yeah LOL he's so making me LOLING so hard hahahaha what the heck yoo, i miss spazzing about ftisland <3
hahahah dorkieee
and then i spazz about hong2 with fenti unni hahaha . omg i hope i can go this november ? AMIINN YA ALLAh T___T omg i am so wanna meet him again huksssss
i said once again I LOVE YOU LEE HONGGI !! haha *crazy*
now i am downloading BARAE remix performance omg , when i see the caps , i was like ^*&^^%^&&^* hard to breathe hahahaha , he's so <333333 hahahahahaahaahhahaah
okay it's been a long timeeee since i spazz about FT ISLAND <3
hihi i miss this time so much , like seriously i miss spazzing hahahahahahaha

and now i dont think his color hair is weird anymore haha
i am loving it right now LOL i dunno why i just LOVE IT kkk
leader is so cuteee omgg <3>
i love inkigayo pics HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH <3
and the one that sista posted in her blog hahaha LOL so much
and i want minhwan's kipasss haha it's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hihihihi 8D
hahah minhwan menarik perhatianku belakangan ini *lirik2 someone* hahahahah oh minhwannnn
minhwan *diesss*
awww the download finisheddddd
i will watch it nowwwwwwwww

@ 2:57 PM
my fuckin mood T_T
oh i don't know from where to start >_>
okay so i just came back from Jakarta to bring back my mom and my grandma
i dunno is it becoz of the weather of what
when i arrived here , omygod i really turn to my sensitive side
okay it's so hard to explain in english T___T
pokoknyaa yaah pas udah nyampe rumah bawaaanya suntokk x , gondok kali
pengen marah2 udah kutahaaan kalii , ingat puasa aku nanti sia2 ya kan
kok hari ini aku ngerasa omongan orang di sekitar ini bikin aku NAEK DARAH
bnran lah , rasanya kok pengen banget marah *huft elus2 pala biar dingin*
sabarr dita sabaaaarrrrrr ,
sring kali kek gini aku , aku sendiri pun jadi palak gini knp sukak kali kek gini D:
tiba2 jadi moody gini , tiba2 jadi bencii tiba2 jadi ga suka liat orang2
oh damn , i hate this kalo udah kek gini bnran aku ga sukak kek gini
banyak kali yg harus aku cuci di dalam sini
cuci hati maksudnya ...
orang ga salah apa2 , akunya marah2 ck ck ck
really sifat aku yg satu itu yg harus diubaaah
you know i will be 17 years old gtu lohh T____T
masih susah ajaaaaaaa ngubahnya , aiyah aiyaaah . mau gmana lagi donkkkkkkkkk
anyway talking about my coming bday
i really want tu yaaa , my fam gimme a surprise T_T
i never get a suprise from them , like seriously ,
and last bday , i dont have bday cake , until i tell them i want one
sedangkaaaan orang rumah lain semuanya dapat !!
kasian kali aku yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *sigh*
sabar2 aja lah , kdang2 i think it's not fair juga ya kan LOL
*banyak maunya ih ditaaaaa*
iya aku banyak maunya , trus mau apa kau ??-_-;
aku mau itu aku mau ini aku mau yg disana aku mau yg disini
SALAH ? SALAH ? -___________________________-;
gilak , bnr2 panas x aku hari ini yah ,
i want something different on my bday D:
seriously i need something different , not from me but from themmmmmmmmmm
i really wish they will do something different to me T_T diceplok ceplok lah sana <-- ga pernah ngerasain aku woyh :P

ah lama2 ngawur gini aku
masih juga jam 3
3 jam setengah lagi bukaaaa
udah bekurang kali pahala aku hari ini
@ 2:43 PM
heheh what do you think of my new blog ?
very very simple hahahah like seriously nothing in here
i really need a clean one and very white so it can brighten and lighten my eyes heheh
i am too lazy to put other skin and change it T_T
my brain oh my brain

hm i need to tell ya something
but later

same side of the moon
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 10:32 PM
oh shyeet ! why must i open that boy's facebook !!
make mee even remember himm
ughhh i am jealoussss T___T i dunno why hukss
feels so emptyyyyyy
oh comeeoneeee ditaaaaaaaa
think again , "does he even care about me "
"does he even and EVER think about me ? "
oh i dream too mucch ohh salah aku salaah salaah ku buka fb itu adeeek T__T
sumpaaah miripp huksss aku sedihh T__T

ah mampos lah lupa aku mau nulis apaa pon
@ 9:28 PM
hella crazy

today was so unpredictable (?) day hahahaha , everything's happen with the flow hahah XD .So in the early morning , about 8am , my cousin , misscalled me , yesterday i agreed to pick her from asrama haji , but then i oversleep that time even i din realize she called me , okay and then , suddenly i woke up and hang the phone with a really really sleepy voiceee likee so sleepy hahaha , even i can't walk straight HAHA , and then i went to wash my face and change cloth , haha din take bath coz i think it will be late if i go shower first , but then a message received , she told me that her friend will be pick up @ 9 -_- , okay and then i told that i'm going to pick her ,and dad was like kinda din agree , he told that ,"don't pick her there, too far " and i was like " okay dad , i will tell her to wait @ ringroad (which nearer to my house) . And then when it's about 9pm , i went to start the car and drive , when i was on the way , a message come again " ta , just slowly , coz we're be go to somewhere first " and i was like " %$&&**^&*&" and i messaged her again and told her " untung puasaaaaa " . sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and on the waaay to the ring roaddddd , i was singing alone like crazy people with my very very husky voice hahaha XDD . And suddenly a thinking come to mind , " why dont i invite tary and annis to my house? " HAHAHAH so as soon as possible i pick up my handphone and call annis first , but then her mom answered it and told that annis is still sleeping HAHAh , and then i called tary next , and she hang up the phone and answeer with really sleepy voice and she said " yeah , i just woke , up , what's problem " HAHAHA XDD and i said " come to my house LOL " . okay man it just happened naturally hahah , when i already pick my cousin , i pick annis first and then tary HAHAHA and we;re going to myhouseee yohooooooooooooo :D

@my housee =3

annis and tary are fighting <-- lol agak lebay dikit XDD to use the internet first LOL they're opening facebook and theen saw eldina onlinee HAha and then tel her to come to my houseee , since her house is so near from hear HAHAHAHAH . oh my god , i swear we took a lot of picture , HAHAHA we're the queen of narcism kkk . I TELL YAA ! annis and tary would like to have a video record but theeen XDD i ruin it HAHAHA , when at first they record it , it hasn't save yet haha the second one no voiceee LOL and they're likee -_______________- what the hell r u doing ditaaa ? HAHAHAHA hilariousss XD and not long after that Eldina arrived at my house e, and we're getting even moreee crazy , crazieeer HAHAHA <3>

we're planning , when it's the time when we can't do fasting at the same timeee, we will go to hm to eat togethaaa HAHAHA steak and shake ? warung ijooo ? LOL LOL XDD

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @ 7:25 PM
oh my god , so full T__T i think i din eat a lot but feel so full hahaha
and feel a little stomache aw aw . atit eyut D:
i am so bored right now my friend huhu
i don't know what to do , oh i miss mom's cooking T__T
full day of downloading , haha , download download and download , that's all i can do right now haha
tayang is sleeping>_> i bet she's so tired and seriously she need more sleeep
kasiaan laaah matanyaa pysangg , and ntarn sakit pulak , dont be sick la darling D;<-- dont want it happen to youuuuuuuuuuuu

oh it's vacation but then
what the &^&%&* , ughh okay stop complaining and do your homeworks ditaaa !
HAHAHA but i am so lazyyyy , what should i doooooooooo? to erase this lazyness , ck ck
aah i am out of ideaa , i hate myself like this
and this one boyyyy is away , shyeeet or is he just pretend away ?? T__T whyy ??
i miss talking to him , joking around , he's the way too serious lately , okay maybe hm he's thinking about the final exam or something ,anyway gud luck to himm , sigh i wanna talk i wanna talk i wanna chaat with himm

i am searching for cn bluee links but cant find it , wanna buy the album but dont have money hahahaha
and i heard that fti's new single will be out at october , <_< oh i hope i have enough money to buy it that time hahaha AMINNN
oh boyyyyyyyy pleaseee talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee T___T
@ 6:18 PM
once again
hahah LOL yess sambil nunggu bukaa nuliss blog ajeee ya kan
okay i am so sorry bloggie ku sayang , coz i ditched you for a really really long time
like seriously my last post was 29th of July hahaha <--
last month yeah , but it seems like yearss ago , hmm
oh it's 15 more minutes until to break the fasting HAHA
mom is not here with us , mom is staying @ jakarta , because grandma is not really well right now , so she gotta go there to look after my grandma
and mom called me and told me that she still not know when will she come back to Medan
oh mamaaaaaaaaa >_> i missyouu muach
my cousin is at sanlat [pesantren kilat ]
and tomorrow is the last day , she is one of the panitiaaa ,
she messaged me and ask me to pick her tomorrow LOL
and i said "NOTHING IS FREE"
LOL yeaaah i am that much greedy(?) haha
oh man , my stomach is dancing hella yeah , i am so hungry <-- oh stop mengeluh donk dita aaah bntr lagi bukaaaa

i miss skypee call with poppy
she told me that she misses that tooo
maybe we can do it after she wake up and buka puasa , yakan pop
okay it's 10 more minutes and i will keep typing until it's nearly almost the time HAHAHA

so , you know the boy who lives so far away from me, if you know who is he , just shut your mouth and donttell me his name AHHAHAHA
so he might be MIGHT be move to our neighbor country which i dont need to tell you which country hahah . anyway , it's our neighbor country HAHA , so that mean , maybeeeee , as soon as possible i can meet him , okay I CAN MEET HIM !!
i will do anything , whatever , pokoknyaa haruss ketemuu harussssssssssss !!
like seriously that is one of my wish right now , hahaha
maybe next year ? i dunno when , but i must must must meet him , hahaha :D and talk , i hope that time we'll have a good topic >_> and he won't be bored because of mee HAHA*oh so sweet just to think about that* hahaha <3 AMIN AMIN AMINN

this 5 minutess become so longgg because i waitfor it haha
and seriously i need to fix my english
it become messier <-- LOLL
ohhh and i can't stop listenning to FIN.K.L " forever love " and Taylor Swift "Love Story"

ohh i will update again after bukaa puasaaa 8D