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Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 11:05 PM
aum !
tomorrow is teacher's day ,
HAPPY TEACHER's day , teacher , hehehe
also we will have math's quiz tomorrow,

oh gosh
i got nothing to write today T-T ,
aish , uncreative me -,-

i want :
  1. that pink bracelet that hongki always wear on neoreul saranghae(love is ) perf
  2. banc hoodie pink >___<>
  3. more money >.>
  4. holiday ASAP !!!!!!!
  5. tomorrow the quiz will be cancelled T-T
  6. HONGKI ! *take hongki to bed*
yes for our future children , hehehe <3
backsound ; it's okay ( untouchable feat hwayobi ) -- nice song :D

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Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 9:23 PM
hana yori dango the final
omg , really this movie is aaaah A MUST WATCH , hahaha
when i finished watch this , i scream a lot , aah , really satisfied with this MOVIE , argh i even call annis as soon as i ended watch it ! and spazz over , *ah btw this was yesterday* xD lols,
so TODAY ! kk , is annis call me , hahah and she was like " omg dit , i swear , i really love this movie , and she said, come to my house " hahaha
so then , i went to eat " mie aceh " with my mom and my cousin and then , after that went to my grandpa's house and then headed off to annis's house , hahaha ,after that , we was like ,"OMG OMG , i hope there is more " aaarghhh . hahah we spazz over , kkk

and and the BABY AND ME . omygod , finally i watched it , kkk,
so so sweet , ah i did cry when i watch this , ah ~jang geun seuk , i love you , err xD hahahaha so cuteeeee and
the baby ,aaaaaaaaaah like the cutest baby that i ever see, hahahaha *over *

kyaa and my fav scene from HYD ,
^ this one really drive me crazy , aaaah i even cried when this movie end ,*terharu because this movie is so goood !!!*

plus me and annis xD

Friday, November 21, 2008 @ 5:59 PM
tagged by sooey and sammie
The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

1.i am big big girl
2.i have stomache right now
3.afraid of the speedy's cost T-T
4.lazy to go to school tomorrow !
5.i love hongki , ah and i love this no 5.my fav no, hahaha
6.really so moody girl xDD
7.i got nothing to say in this no xD LOL
8.ah ~ i love foods <3>Tag:

3.Kayin unnie

First Name
– Maulidita
– dita,dyta,dietha
Name you wish you had
- ditanyahongki xDDD
What do people normally mistake your name as
–nita and lita ! geee, i;ve said it DITA,maybe later i need to spell my name to them , rofl
- 5th sept 92
– Lhokseumawe,Indonesia
Time of Birth
– dunno xD hahah havent ask my mom
Single or taken
- still single , kkk
Zodiac sign
– Virgo

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you
– 162,161? XD that's in junior high school,now?dunno
Wish you were taller
– yes and skinner T-T
Eye color
- brownish
Eye color you want
– i like my eye color now ^^
Natural Hair color
– black?hmm a little bit brown , bcoz i rarely take care of it -_-"
Current Hair color
– dark brown to black
Short or long hair
- kinda short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color
– nah
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair
– rebonding? xDD hahaaa

Glasses or contacts
– glasses,i wish i can use contactsxDbut my mom doesnt like it x__x
Do you wear make-up
Ever had hair extensions
– noope
Paint your nails
- rare , sometimes

-In the opposite gender-
What color eyes
– brownish?blueish?xD
What color hair
- brownish
Shy or Outgoing
– outgoing? xDD
Sexy or Cute
- BOTH XD-->yess agree with sooey xD
Serious or Fun
–hm, know when to serious and know when to have fun xDD
Older or Younger than you
– older~
A turn on
- cant get what's this mean :x,hmm, humorist?ah dunno
A turn off
- serious person?dunno lah

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates
- choco choco
Pepsi or Coke
- coke
Rap or Rock
– both!<--agree with sooey again hahaha Relationship or One night stand
– relationship
School or Work
- school and work ,lols
Love or Money
– hahahah we cant live without both of it hahah*am i sound greedy*?xDDD
Movies or Music
- music
Country or City
– hmm
Sunny or Rainy days
– depends on my mood :x
Friends or Family
- family

-Have you ever-
– yeah
Stole something
- hahahah xDD forgot lols, naaah ! i mean take someone's not in purpose?like my chairmate pen or pencil,and then forgot to give it back,hahahaaa
- nopes
Hurt someone close to you
– hmm
Broke someone's heart
- nopexD
Had your heart broken
- i guess so ! hahaha
Wondered what was wrong with you
- hahahaaa
Wish you were a prince/princess
- sometimes, hahahah,
Liked someone who was taken
Shaved your head
- nah
Used chopsticks
- yeaaassss
Sang in the mirror to yourself
– hjahahahah yes yes

– lilly?lols i dun have one i guess
– hmm,sour,mint candy
– ftisland songs! XD<---YES SOOEY , hahahahaa of course Scent
- dependsXD
- many colors
-depends on my mood,but mostly comedy,romance, and horror is a BIG NO !i love action sometime, haha

– FTIsland
- Bigbang
- Wonder Girls
-etc xD

Junk food
– CHICKEN ,(mcd,kfc,a&w), hahahaaa
Website – ditaissoyummy.blogspot.com
Location – Indonesia
Animal - bear? xDD lols

Ever cried over someone
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself
– hmm
Do you think you're attractive
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose
- snow white?or cinderella xDDD
Do you play any sports
- NOPE , hahaha

so,today ,the school's finished earlier,it's friday ,and then,my mom said that she will pick us on 1pm,but then the fact????we hav to wait until 2.30. and then when we waited for my mom , suddenly it rained, and then , ah before the rain dropped, me and my cousin was see the junior high school boys were playing the basketball, so when the rain dropped, they were playing on the rain, hahah xDD i took the pictures of them , hahaha, i want to play in the rain too :x hahahaha . it would be fun , huh? but i dunt want to sick too . hahahhaa yesterday i din go to school because i have stomache T-T , i hate itt !!!
geeee !!! so yesterday the telkom's staff called me, and she said that my speedy is over limit ,and she asked me to checked, and bcause of my panickness, i turn off the speedy and went to my mom's room to study biology , and today,she called me again ,and she said that the over's cost is Rp.106-something, i was like ?hah? xDD hahahahaaaa , yes , i think i will online just for short time , i guess , hahahha .
and i took one pic , when the boy was like to shoot , ah no , the ball was flying xDD hahahaha


the result from last time practicum xDD

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 @ 9:59 PM
blood test .test blood
so today my class had a biology practicum to check our blood. hahahaa
at first i was so scare,you know the needle.
>___< i am sick of that .hahaha
and then i got to know blood type is O . like my mom and dad =D so i am their real child, LOLS xDDD

i still have this damn shit cough T-T

and and . hmm .
i dunno what to write >___<

good bye then xD
Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 9:58 PM
did i say i love it??
now i dont think so anymore now
i am so nervous about tomorrow
ya ALLAH wish me luck >____<
arief and cinenk,
ganbaremashooo !!!!

i dunnow what to do if suddenly i freeze in front of them T-T
dunno lah
@ 10:24 AM
at school
hmm, hahha kinda strange, i start to write from the right side
even me , dizzy to see that , lols hahaahaa

yeah right now i am at school
and it's friday ,
i love it !!!
what should i do this night??
hhahhaa,well i must go online yeah.
i miss to chat with poppy~~~and sistaaa~~~
we havent chat for years and tiwi~~~
if her telephone line didn't broken,.
i think i will suggest us to have a call together on skype, hehehe
i miss that moment
curse you schooll !
i want to spazzz spazzz and spaazzzzzzz
hmmm.....uri sarang i yagi ~~
i love that song . kkk never ending story just like me and hongki
hahahaha lols


my love , please be happy until we meet again
Thursday, November 13, 2008 @ 9:45 PM
feeling not so well
aha , i got my throat-ache
and it's so suckiieee
and i feel so moody lately
and i havent take my pictures for years
yeah i am moody T-T
not like in the past*ciela in the past*
i havent took my pic recently

and tomorrow, there is debate practice
i really dont want to do that
because i am not fully enough to do that .

nan neoreul saranghae

credits;as tagged
Sunday, November 9, 2008 @ 3:34 PM
yes , so i watched the bigbang comeback today @ music core , and that's totally GOOD man , excellent can i say?
i like the sunset glow perf so much, so many VIP there, it's like most all the seats are VIP,wowowowoww and i was like " WOAAA COOL MAN COOOOLL "
so that i caps the vips , ah i always love the music core stage and the fans there
like FTI when they sang LOVE IS last time . the PRiMADONNA most everywhere , and the stage looks so pretty too ^^

ah i want bigbang vol.2 >____< ah my wishlist increase increase and increase T-T
oh money ! come to me !
10 jom manjome 10 jom-->listening to it right now(lovefti collab) hahah XD
and also i am watching the gag night , and there is khun,jaebeom and chansung so funnny xD hahaha


hahahha *catch hongki's hand*

recomended song ; sunset glow-bigbang
never ending story - smash


you are the only one for me. Oh Oh Oh Oh

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Saturday, November 8, 2008 @ 9:28 PM
oh my god
hahah just becoz im listening to yui's song oh my god,
ah talking about yui.
T-T i cant download her new album , gee,
i hope i have so mucccch money so ican buy her album
i wish i have one of her album,
>___< style="text-align: center;">Photobucket

yeah he said " DITA IS MINE,k?"
*run away*

neo neun nae energy
you are my energy
wakakakak i felt that my today post is so useless hahahaXDD

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 @ 10:02 PM
i was planning to posted yesterday but then .___. i got so tired and then fell asleep,.
yeah lately is so tiring day , *sigh*
and tomorrow i have 2 test ,sigh sigh,
ah do u guys love mc flurry , hahah i love that so much,
and so does hongki , haha ah yeah and poppy likes mc flurry too , she said , hehehee
i love McD, kkk
ah countdown to minhwannie's bday , hehehehee

mcflurry mokgo rae? xDD

and the jealous meter is UPPPP
oh i hope i can hug him like that too,
hehe i wish someday, haha

okay for now =D
Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 6:42 PM
golden rice =D
hahaha but the taste isnt that golden , kkk
so hambar*i dunno what is this in english* hmm , maybe no taste hahaha
hahaha but the outside look is so good , hahaha
before we went there, i picked up our lovely cousin JAVIER heheheh
he is so cuteee , omygod , i want to eat him XDDD hahahha and his big eyes,omygood so cutee , ahhahaa
and then we went to grandpa's house, after one hour , then we went to sun plaza to eat lunch , kk ,
the place is golden rice , hahaha, i ordered , seafood fried rice, dumpling soup, and spring roll(at last everybody eat that) hahaa , and ice lemon tea(just this one is really taste) hahaha XDDDD,
so yeah , hahaha after that , i bought popcorn *ah forgot to take the pictures* hahahXDDD
and after came back home, my cousins bought meatball, hahah and it's extremely HOT , lalala
ah yeaaass forgot to mention the J-co donutss, i love j co for suree hahaha,
and i bought hot choco, kkk xDDD, i love the quote there so i took the pict xDD
the picturesss ;
^the foods
^ me me me
^dont rush it xDD hahah love this <333 style="text-align: right;">
my lovely sweetie cutie hongkiee , heheheh, omygod i love this guy more and more,
god , lemme meet him once more time ,
cred; x.suki@soompi
i want hongki hongki hongki =D

Saturday, November 1, 2008 @ 4:47 PM
third posts on 1st November 2008
so , i got my colorful sensibility part 2 on Thursday ,
yes , and it came along with poster in a pipe.
i havent stick the poster on my room , hehe
i am waiting for my daddy~
he will come back home today , after 1 month ,
colorful sensibility part 2
^ hahah you also can see the prologoue and the part one xDDDD.
show off
i really want to manage and decorate my bedroom .
but too lazy T-T

@ 4:14 PM
hahah minhwan's month isnt it , kkk
ah today i changed my skin , hehehe
but a little not satisfied with the cbox,
becoz it's too dark*sigh*
aaaah ~~ i love saturday more than sunday geeee T^T
aaah i stil have the story teller and the conversation test , aarghhh
cant the school doesnt have test anymoreeee i hate test for sure ;_;

hongki appa

isnt that bear looks like me , hahaha
yes IT's MEEE
and and and and hongki is so cutee thereee <3>
i want f1rst island dvd live concerttt

I love you
until the world ends.
I will do
anything to make you happy.
I am going to be a fool,
who only looks at you.
And live only for you.

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@ 12:58 PM
tagged by sooey =3
1. Do you have secrets ?
- hahahah hmmm,lemme think LOL
2. Would you fall in love with a girl/guy younger than you ?
- who knows kkk

3. Do you enjoy going to school ?
- hmmm who enjoy it?? not really , ggeeee suck school,but love to see ma frens

4. What would you do with a billion dollars ?
- buy all fti stuff that i want and and turn around the world xDDD

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend ?
- hahahahaaa,i love them kkk

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone ?
- confused D:

7. List out your 15 favourite songs:
- now??hmm,15 ,so manyx3 then , i love you|heaven|love is|you are love|(all ft songsXDD) , nobody|saying i love you(wonder girls) , alover's concerto(park hye kung),rainism,only you(2pm)

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do ?
- find another one?? kkk

9. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy ?
- aiyaaaaa. xDDD

10. What makes you angry ?
- pff what else?i hate it when the internet cant work ,dang !!! and someone that alwasy press me*umm*

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time ?
- i hope will have more change than today

12. Who is currently the most important people to you ?
- fams*of course* frens,ftixDDD

13. What is the most important thing in life ?
- hmm,stay health

14. Single or attached ?
- umm, for now single,for future,of course hahahaaa

15. What is your favourite colour ?
- black,yellow,pink,blue and red
16. Would you give all in a relationship ?
- what do u mean?

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick ?
- hahah let's seee

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done ?
- well depends on

19. What do you want to tell the person you like ?
- nyaha x3

20. 5 people I have tagged:
- siszy , poppy , kalin , kayin unnie , tiwi