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i'm lost in your eyes
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Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 3:09 PM
mblaq oh yeah
yesterday night , i was so bored soo i decide to make some iconss
and out of that i just can make 9 ? T__T my skil sure went out somewhere
hedeh T_T

my fav is leader's icon dunno why haha
haha mir's tongue <3

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@ 2:15 PM
ya know whaaat i just felt in love with the little cutie boy hahaha
his voice , his cute side , and he can be so hottie too hahaha
kyaa justin bieber I LOVE YAAA
and and and i was looking at facebook and then i found this little girl's room , she has justinB's posterss omygod i want it i want it so much seriouslyy aahhhhhh
and also she has taylor lautner's posters, hottiee <3

and you remember right
i joined debate competition last month and we lost hahahahaha

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the two team debates from harapan high school
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with sir Ismoyo oh yeah
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with rubi :D

okay that's all
move on other day haha

i ate triple cheese burger , it's not as big as in da picture i kinda disappointedd T_T grrrrr
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my handphone's wallpaper <3
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justin bieber baybeeeh :D
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i cant wait for holiday any longerrrr
@ 1:16 PM
new skin at the end of 2009
yahoooo [:
new skin hahahah despite the chat box i love all the aspect in this skin
vvery soft blue color right and make you feel warm haha
i dont even want to change the icons here hahah

they look so cutee the iconss [: hehehe
OH and the lyrics up there
omy god i am so in love with that song lately hahaha very like it ^^b
so it fit me hahahaha
like like likeey
@ 12:24 PM
mana niyh entry sebelumnyaa ?
kok ga keliatan yaah

@ 11:24 AM
hahahaha hello bloggiee
how are you ?? hahahah i miss bloogging
ya knowwwww i ditched u again and again
i am so sorry >_< i have no idea what to write haha
oh today is JAEJIN's BIRTHDAY yoooo
hahaha you're 18 alreadyyy yooo
in Indonesiaa it's legaal yo maan xD hahaha
you can drink and do what you never do before wwkwkwkkww
aigooo Goat is growing up *oh i sound like the old lady -_-'* hahaha

okayyyyyy this post is for JAEJIN hahahah
whatever hahaha i dunno what to write moreeee