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i'm lost in your eyes
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Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 11:10 AM
the best thing c=
hahah i was so confused what to title this entry haha
and then i was listening to mocca's the best thing so yeah hahah you know what am i saying? haha
sorry if you got confused wkwkwkw
ALLAH my god
when i am writing this jisun song is playing the title is " he doesnt love you " or something
i swear i love this song so much
jisun's voice so RAWK man ,. i love her voice so much . hahaha :D
smooth yet rock XD haha i like this type of voice keke :9

i got cough and flu D:
alwaysssssss fuh -_- i hate it
running nose OMG i hate that for sure

vacation is already started hahahah
i am so happy about this , hey come on this is vacation gtu lohh
what are u waiting for haha let's play kekeke 8D
next week i will go to lubuk sikaping heheh
and travel around west sumatra
bukit tinggi and maybe padang and i so wanna come to DANAU MANINJAU haha
and the beach . omg , i already am imaging the beautiful in there and will take many picturesss haha
before go there i will make the memory on my double canon XD empty haha
can't wait yeaah ~
16 hours jalan darat *apa bhs inggrisnya lupa* haha
IT WILL BE SO FUNN nee ~ hahaha

next tuesday i will go with my class
omg guyss ~ i hope we will in the same classs again amin
what should we watch there guys hahaha ?

oh and kak donna is messaging me
haha HUNTING yoo {:
i hope the schedule with me hahahah :D
yeah keep learning my man !!!

i wanna learn how to rap hahaha XDD
harus banyak merepet lah aku lalala
ya ma man ~
aku rindu ama cintoku haha
cinto kapan kita skypean ?
gara2 internetku malam2 suka gilak .
aih cinto kangen poto2 kita cintoooooo

baa nyo ni ~
bisa2 pulang dri padang bebahasa padang pula aku
udah pitih2 aja bawaaanya hahaha

pengen jalan2 ah ~ hahaha ke mcd yokkkkk
wifian sekalian poto2 hahaha 8D
BHR what a nice place to poto2
bhr hahahaahha :D
hey kawan kapan ke medan *lirik ka shi2*
haha kasian ye dirimu kak ~ hahah pas kk libur dita ga libur lagi looooo
tapi buat kk apa siyh ya ga *semuanya ga* XDD haha
cepet2 lah dirimu ke medan kak biar menggila kita hahahaha :D
karoke , bhr , timezon ye hahaha