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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @ 6:18 PM
once again
hahah LOL yess sambil nunggu bukaa nuliss blog ajeee ya kan
okay i am so sorry bloggie ku sayang , coz i ditched you for a really really long time
like seriously my last post was 29th of July hahaha <--
last month yeah , but it seems like yearss ago , hmm
oh it's 15 more minutes until to break the fasting HAHA
mom is not here with us , mom is staying @ jakarta , because grandma is not really well right now , so she gotta go there to look after my grandma
and mom called me and told me that she still not know when will she come back to Medan
oh mamaaaaaaaaa >_> i missyouu muach
my cousin is at sanlat [pesantren kilat ]
and tomorrow is the last day , she is one of the panitiaaa ,
she messaged me and ask me to pick her tomorrow LOL
and i said "NOTHING IS FREE"
LOL yeaaah i am that much greedy(?) haha
oh man , my stomach is dancing hella yeah , i am so hungry <-- oh stop mengeluh donk dita aaah bntr lagi bukaaaa

i miss skypee call with poppy
she told me that she misses that tooo
maybe we can do it after she wake up and buka puasa , yakan pop
okay it's 10 more minutes and i will keep typing until it's nearly almost the time HAHAHA

so , you know the boy who lives so far away from me, if you know who is he , just shut your mouth and donttell me his name AHHAHAHA
so he might be MIGHT be move to our neighbor country which i dont need to tell you which country hahah . anyway , it's our neighbor country HAHA , so that mean , maybeeeee , as soon as possible i can meet him , okay I CAN MEET HIM !!
i will do anything , whatever , pokoknyaa haruss ketemuu harussssssssssss !!
like seriously that is one of my wish right now , hahaha
maybe next year ? i dunno when , but i must must must meet him , hahaha :D and talk , i hope that time we'll have a good topic >_> and he won't be bored because of mee HAHA*oh so sweet just to think about that* hahaha <3 AMIN AMIN AMINN

this 5 minutess become so longgg because i waitfor it haha
and seriously i need to fix my english
it become messier <-- LOLL
ohhh and i can't stop listenning to FIN.K.L " forever love " and Taylor Swift "Love Story"

ohh i will update again after bukaa puasaaa 8D