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Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 5:12 PM
hongstar <3
hihi do you know lee hongki ? if you don't know , i will come to your house and kick your ass hahah kidding . so today , you can see my prev post , it's so so so hm bad mood ? yess but then , i was so boredd today ,and then i went to a FTI forum and then click a topic , hahah omg T__T
hongkiiinyaaa aduh aduhh .i really can't wait for his drama ,october 7th wait for me hahahah , hongki look so gorgeous , omg there is no word that can describe him , haha i love him i love him so much , he can make me smile when i feel so down , i swear , i be so excited after i see this picture hahaha ,*is this the AIB picture that sista mention in her blog ? * well i dunno , but yeah LOL he's so making me LOLING so hard hahahaha what the heck yoo, i miss spazzing about ftisland <3
hahahah dorkieee
and then i spazz about hong2 with fenti unni hahaha . omg i hope i can go this november ? AMIINN YA ALLAh T___T omg i am so wanna meet him again huksssss
i said once again I LOVE YOU LEE HONGGI !! haha *crazy*
now i am downloading BARAE remix performance omg , when i see the caps , i was like ^*&^^%^&&^* hard to breathe hahahaha , he's so <333333 hahahahahaahaahhahaah
okay it's been a long timeeee since i spazz about FT ISLAND <3
hihi i miss this time so much , like seriously i miss spazzing hahahahahahaha

and now i dont think his color hair is weird anymore haha
i am loving it right now LOL i dunno why i just LOVE IT kkk
leader is so cuteee omgg <3>
i love inkigayo pics HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH <3
and the one that sista posted in her blog hahaha LOL so much
and i want minhwan's kipasss haha it's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hihihihi 8D
hahah minhwan menarik perhatianku belakangan ini *lirik2 someone* hahahahah oh minhwannnn
minhwan *diesss*
awww the download finisheddddd
i will watch it nowwwwwwwww