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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 9:28 PM
hella crazy

today was so unpredictable (?) day hahahaha , everything's happen with the flow hahah XD .So in the early morning , about 8am , my cousin , misscalled me , yesterday i agreed to pick her from asrama haji , but then i oversleep that time even i din realize she called me , okay and then , suddenly i woke up and hang the phone with a really really sleepy voiceee likee so sleepy hahaha , even i can't walk straight HAHA , and then i went to wash my face and change cloth , haha din take bath coz i think it will be late if i go shower first , but then a message received , she told me that her friend will be pick up @ 9 -_- , okay and then i told that i'm going to pick her ,and dad was like kinda din agree , he told that ,"don't pick her there, too far " and i was like " okay dad , i will tell her to wait @ ringroad (which nearer to my house) . And then when it's about 9pm , i went to start the car and drive , when i was on the way , a message come again " ta , just slowly , coz we're be go to somewhere first " and i was like " %$&&**^&*&" and i messaged her again and told her " untung puasaaaaa " . sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and on the waaay to the ring roaddddd , i was singing alone like crazy people with my very very husky voice hahaha XDD . And suddenly a thinking come to mind , " why dont i invite tary and annis to my house? " HAHAHAH so as soon as possible i pick up my handphone and call annis first , but then her mom answered it and told that annis is still sleeping HAHAh , and then i called tary next , and she hang up the phone and answeer with really sleepy voice and she said " yeah , i just woke , up , what's problem " HAHAHA XDD and i said " come to my house LOL " . okay man it just happened naturally hahah , when i already pick my cousin , i pick annis first and then tary HAHAHA and we;re going to myhouseee yohooooooooooooo :D

@my housee =3

annis and tary are fighting <-- lol agak lebay dikit XDD to use the internet first LOL they're opening facebook and theen saw eldina onlinee HAha and then tel her to come to my houseee , since her house is so near from hear HAHAHAHAH . oh my god , i swear we took a lot of picture , HAHAHA we're the queen of narcism kkk . I TELL YAA ! annis and tary would like to have a video record but theeen XDD i ruin it HAHAHA , when at first they record it , it hasn't save yet haha the second one no voiceee LOL and they're likee -_______________- what the hell r u doing ditaaa ? HAHAHAHA hilariousss XD and not long after that Eldina arrived at my house e, and we're getting even moreee crazy , crazieeer HAHAHA <3>

we're planning , when it's the time when we can't do fasting at the same timeee, we will go to hm to eat togethaaa HAHAHA steak and shake ? warung ijooo ? LOL LOL XDD