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Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 9:48 PM
너 때문에~
ㅎㅎ yeah so . i watched twilight on wednesday with zur , roza , fildzah , ami and diki*nyelip aja dia* xDD hahah
and i was like , at first" hm little boring " haha ga gtu greget deh xD
eh but in the middle of the movie*oh i know i am late:( * hahaha . it became more and more INTERESTING !! man i am so excited that time , haha xD and i was like a crazy person that time . LOl i mean , i can't stop smiling by myself . haha efek edward cullen neyh *siyal* xDD LOL . yeah
ih telat banget yah baru kena sekrg T_T . hahaha so i bought the novel too with the movie cover >_> actually i want the actual cover , but can;t find it ~ T_T i need new moon and eclipse too , BUTTTT too poor . hahah xDD i bought maryamah karpov by andrea hirata that time , gosh been waiting for this novel for far too long . hahahah <3 just start read it , so yeah . haha xDDD
i want edward cullen >_< hahahahaa
ah and rob's voice is so jazzy . hahah never think :D<-- love that song . kkk

TOMORROW is school again T_T
buang2 waktu aja bah , cuma ngisi absen
what the heck lah >_>

eh iya tomorrow is rovy's bday too . hahah XD
diapain ya ni anak . lols ah . kemek2 ditunggu. hahaha
oh man ! pusing kali kepalaku . huhu .

AH live is like a musical . lol hongki pronounced live to LIFE . hahaha
oppa you should study english ~
and i am in love with you'll be in ma heart . hahah
can't wait it will be in my home soon !. hahahahaaa
wonder who's card will i get . i hope hongki
but wonbin and minhwan is okay too xDD hahah

aduh mau nulis apa lagi yah ,
yesterday i didn't update my blog . hahah so tired and i was reading maryamah karpov so yeah . heheh <3
i want to watch twilight AGAIN . hahah oh wait , on monday i think . heheh <3

okey lah , g tau mo nulis apa lagi xD hahaha