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Sunday, December 14, 2008 @ 12:24 PM
a u ah gelap
don't blame me , what the heck ! but i love gda's pics so muchie . lol even with that so much fur
okay . so i was blogwalking and opened tiwi's blog and i was like
okay . i think people around this world like . ah HEBOH gtu dah ttg TWILIGHT ~
i really want to watch and read it ! hahaha
and robert pattinson? the edward cullen
hahahah . i know him ! and when i saw him for the 1st time i was like'kayaknya pnh liat'
LOLs xDDD hahahahahaaaa
ah aku maok nonton nonton >___< style="color: rgb(0, 204, 204);">mereka udah gede skrg ! *cem udah tua kali awak bah*
hahaha yeah they grow up so fast ~ man !! look so mature , dont you guys agree with me ?
and and also . last night i watched their old perf . and i was like"owaaah i miss thisss"
ah sarangalhee and chundoong , like really really miss this performance so much . argh .
chubby hongki ~~ i miss him so bad ma man ~
jah and noww aaah i really really love this guy much much more .
love him more than yesterday
aissshssssssss ~~~ kangen gilak !
and since 14.04.2007 the 1st time i saw you ! and i was like dugeun dugeun
ohmygod . and then fall for you .
eventhough , hm honestly that time you're not the number one , but you can always make me smile everytime i see you .
but now YOU ARE THE ONE . seriously the one . i swear*poppy suka banget bilang ini *xD
hm i watched this one :

LOls . baby one more time . hahaha x3
he's so hyper ! hahaha*hugs*
aigooh johayo ?? na do johaa ~ hahahahaha
hm . aaah i dunnow what to write more .___.
hahaha later when i have idea i will post something

ah yes i do miss subung tooo <3