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Thursday, December 11, 2008 @ 12:41 PM
just you ! the one !
hahaha still get the effect of the one ~~
aah i really want to rip it , but i can't T___T .my cousin's brother took her laptop so , aarghhh i haven't transfer all my data from hers T__T my pictures , videos , texturess . oh my gosh T_T most of ft island's pics are there and some vids. huhu .
i hope my cousin will not delete it . AMIN . hahha
so today ! the exams are pretty well done . LOL xDDD you know the history one .
hm most of student . make it done it 15 minutes , lols xDD it has been a tradition my school . LOL . because we had learnt the matery like everyweek . so it's quite easy . hahahah xDD but saturday and next tuesday is a big disaster . like really big disaster maaan ! hahahahaha T____T
oh gosh ~ you know what guys ~ hongki's freaking cuteee last night . he didnt stop to smile . and i was like melted melted melted aaraghh ~~ i am going crazy T___T . i love the way he wear the outfit ~~ thank cody unnies <3
i do love hongki so much

hahah and and ah ~ do you know pure comic or innocent comic movie ? the one that kangin was in that , i really can't wait to watch it . hahah kangin kissed there ohmygod , hahah 10 take , lol kangin oppa 이게 바로 사랑일까? (Is This Love?) , love that song so much . hahaha just like what i feel hahahahahah <333>___> so yeah ~

is this love ? ♥

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