feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 @ 2:10 PM
love is beautifool
then ~
hmm . what should i write today
engg today is tuesday *eih stupid , everyone knows it * LOL
and i haven't study for the day after tomorrow's exams . history and sport
oh hell yeah sport ?? even the sport has a written exams
what the heck ~ aigooh .

someone thinks i am not funny
left that person behind . hahaha
neon nugu nya ??? nothing

i was like . hmm ,
today have an accademy . hell yeah . i dont want to go
i need some hmm "penenangan hati "
i need some hmm time to forget this . i really need it . oh yeah
you guys dont be shock yeah ., today i woke up on 1.pm . hahaha xD i was so tired ne
i keep dihuni this feeling . and about to cry , but no cry LOL .
i hope someone ( a guy ) LOL xDDD yeah i am dreaming too much will say
"oh you're so cute in that pic " like seriously honest . hahahahah
oh derita orang yg belum pnh punya pacar . hahaha
yeah i just need someone who can accept me whatever i am , betapa boringnya aku betapa garingnya aku . yeah i just need some who can accept " kegaringanku " . jah *plak*
wake up dita . ! hahah and i realized something guys ~ why did my prev posts are seem so sad yeah ??? hahahhh i didn;t know either
hmmm .. aduh pengen kali lah . hahah pengen apa dit ? hahaha
oh ditaaa just nikmati dunia ini selagi kau bisa . hahaha . it's not the end of the world gtu loh !
and i was so stupid to mengsalahartikan perasaan ini . hahahaha
aduh aku down sekali yah . hahahah stupid
eh eh i remembered what hwayobi said " LOVE IS BEAUTIFOOL "
hahaa that's so right . kekeke.
you're not the one for me