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Friday, November 21, 2008 @ 5:59 PM
tagged by sooey and sammie
The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

1.i am big big girl
2.i have stomache right now
3.afraid of the speedy's cost T-T
4.lazy to go to school tomorrow !
5.i love hongki , ah and i love this no 5.my fav no, hahaha
6.really so moody girl xDD
7.i got nothing to say in this no xD LOL
8.ah ~ i love foods <3>Tag:

3.Kayin unnie

First Name
– Maulidita
– dita,dyta,dietha
Name you wish you had
- ditanyahongki xDDD
What do people normally mistake your name as
–nita and lita ! geee, i;ve said it DITA,maybe later i need to spell my name to them , rofl
- 5th sept 92
– Lhokseumawe,Indonesia
Time of Birth
– dunno xD hahah havent ask my mom
Single or taken
- still single , kkk
Zodiac sign
– Virgo

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you
– 162,161? XD that's in junior high school,now?dunno
Wish you were taller
– yes and skinner T-T
Eye color
- brownish
Eye color you want
– i like my eye color now ^^
Natural Hair color
– black?hmm a little bit brown , bcoz i rarely take care of it -_-"
Current Hair color
– dark brown to black
Short or long hair
- kinda short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color
– nah
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair
– rebonding? xDD hahaaa

Glasses or contacts
– glasses,i wish i can use contactsxDbut my mom doesnt like it x__x
Do you wear make-up
Ever had hair extensions
– noope
Paint your nails
- rare , sometimes

-In the opposite gender-
What color eyes
– brownish?blueish?xD
What color hair
- brownish
Shy or Outgoing
– outgoing? xDD
Sexy or Cute
- BOTH XD-->yess agree with sooey xD
Serious or Fun
–hm, know when to serious and know when to have fun xDD
Older or Younger than you
– older~
A turn on
- cant get what's this mean :x,hmm, humorist?ah dunno
A turn off
- serious person?dunno lah

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates
- choco choco
Pepsi or Coke
- coke
Rap or Rock
– both!<--agree with sooey again hahaha Relationship or One night stand
– relationship
School or Work
- school and work ,lols
Love or Money
– hahahah we cant live without both of it hahah*am i sound greedy*?xDDD
Movies or Music
- music
Country or City
– hmm
Sunny or Rainy days
– depends on my mood :x
Friends or Family
- family

-Have you ever-
– yeah
Stole something
- hahahah xDD forgot lols, naaah ! i mean take someone's not in purpose?like my chairmate pen or pencil,and then forgot to give it back,hahahaaa
- nopes
Hurt someone close to you
– hmm
Broke someone's heart
- nopexD
Had your heart broken
- i guess so ! hahaha
Wondered what was wrong with you
- hahahaaa
Wish you were a prince/princess
- sometimes, hahahah,
Liked someone who was taken
Shaved your head
- nah
Used chopsticks
- yeaaassss
Sang in the mirror to yourself
– hjahahahah yes yes

– lilly?lols i dun have one i guess
– hmm,sour,mint candy
– ftisland songs! XD<---YES SOOEY , hahahahaa of course Scent
- dependsXD
- many colors
-depends on my mood,but mostly comedy,romance, and horror is a BIG NO !i love action sometime, haha

– FTIsland
- Bigbang
- Wonder Girls
-etc xD

Junk food
– CHICKEN ,(mcd,kfc,a&w), hahahaaa
Website – ditaissoyummy.blogspot.com
Location – Indonesia
Animal - bear? xDD lols

Ever cried over someone
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself
– hmm
Do you think you're attractive
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose
- snow white?or cinderella xDDD
Do you play any sports
- NOPE , hahaha

so,today ,the school's finished earlier,it's friday ,and then,my mom said that she will pick us on 1pm,but then the fact????we hav to wait until 2.30. and then when we waited for my mom , suddenly it rained, and then , ah before the rain dropped, me and my cousin was see the junior high school boys were playing the basketball, so when the rain dropped, they were playing on the rain, hahah xDD i took the pictures of them , hahaha, i want to play in the rain too :x hahahaha . it would be fun , huh? but i dunt want to sick too . hahahhaa yesterday i din go to school because i have stomache T-T , i hate itt !!!
geeee !!! so yesterday the telkom's staff called me, and she said that my speedy is over limit ,and she asked me to checked, and bcause of my panickness, i turn off the speedy and went to my mom's room to study biology , and today,she called me again ,and she said that the over's cost is Rp.106-something, i was like ?hah? xDD hahahahaaaa , yes , i think i will online just for short time , i guess , hahahha .
and i took one pic , when the boy was like to shoot , ah no , the ball was flying xDD hahahaha


the result from last time practicum xDD