feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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. and bear with ma fangirling XD
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Saturday, November 1, 2008 @ 4:14 PM
hahah minhwan's month isnt it , kkk
ah today i changed my skin , hehehe
but a little not satisfied with the cbox,
becoz it's too dark*sigh*
aaaah ~~ i love saturday more than sunday geeee T^T
aaah i stil have the story teller and the conversation test , aarghhh
cant the school doesnt have test anymoreeee i hate test for sure ;_;

hongki appa

isnt that bear looks like me , hahaha
yes IT's MEEE
and and and and hongki is so cutee thereee <3>
i want f1rst island dvd live concerttt

I love you
until the world ends.
I will do
anything to make you happy.
I am going to be a fool,
who only looks at you.
And live only for you.

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