feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Monday, October 27, 2008 @ 4:10 PM
for you i will
i dunno why this post title like this ,maybe because i remember the song of teddy geiger ,hahaha

and then .
hmm what should i say more
ah right now,i'm waiting for my mom to pick me up from accademy . yes,eventhough today isn't my day to come here but i come to discuss some materies of math,oh god !!tomorrow is math MID TEST
okay ,can u imagine it ??
MID i repeat MID geeee -_-'''''
i hope i can pass it , !! AMIEEN .
oh my god, i really want to take my colorful sensibility part 2 from cici recca,well,she smsed that ,it has been arrived,omg i am so excited !!! kkk

and i love that morning call of FTI ,hahahah i used that to my alarm sound this morning ,kk and i was like chu chu chu from hongki??? hahah that's so sweet from him !!!
bbobbohae hongki oppaaa !! <333 bbobboeui morning kisss <3> chup chup chup chup ,hhahah i am listening to it now, hahahahaha

believe it or not , hahaha
and fortunately,blogspot support can save what we type ,even it's error,but the draft still there <3>PRIMADONNA song and theeeennn ... i saw a pamflet which is written PRIMADONNA , hahah what a lovely~but unfortunately i dunt have time to take the camera, hahahaaa.okay that's for today hahaha .

and only live for you .