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i'm lost in your eyes
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Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 6:42 PM
golden rice =D
hahaha but the taste isnt that golden , kkk
so hambar*i dunno what is this in english* hmm , maybe no taste hahaha
hahaha but the outside look is so good , hahaha
before we went there, i picked up our lovely cousin JAVIER heheheh
he is so cuteee , omygod , i want to eat him XDDD hahahha and his big eyes,omygood so cutee , ahhahaa
and then we went to grandpa's house, after one hour , then we went to sun plaza to eat lunch , kk ,
the place is golden rice , hahaha, i ordered , seafood fried rice, dumpling soup, and spring roll(at last everybody eat that) hahaa , and ice lemon tea(just this one is really taste) hahaha XDDDD,
so yeah , hahaha after that , i bought popcorn *ah forgot to take the pictures* hahahXDDD
and after came back home, my cousins bought meatball, hahah and it's extremely HOT , lalala
ah yeaaass forgot to mention the J-co donutss, i love j co for suree hahaha,
and i bought hot choco, kkk xDDD, i love the quote there so i took the pict xDD
the picturesss ;
^the foods
^ me me me
^dont rush it xDD hahah love this <333 style="text-align: right;">
my lovely sweetie cutie hongkiee , heheheh, omygod i love this guy more and more,
god , lemme meet him once more time ,
cred; x.suki@soompi
i want hongki hongki hongki =D