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i'm lost in your eyes
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Saturday, December 13, 2008 @ 10:07 PM
one word .
As long as I'm with you I cant go wrong

that's so right . hahah . i really love the beginning of this song
can't stop listening to THE ONE . aaah i haven't transfer to this album .mampus laah
semoga cici itu ga marah and ga lupa juga dia mesennya T__T
mampus aja lah kalo lupa dia
eh tapi masih ada fenti unni i hope she hasn't sell it for another person
amin amin ! . hahaha
so today , hmm bio and ppkn ! i have no idea about this . TOTALLY .
what the heck with PPKN . geee i hope pak nazam will berbaik hati to give us extra marks, LOL i hope so . hahha
credits: official cafe + OH MY 小瘟鸡@fticn + zcandyflossz@soompi+dita@FTISLANDINDONESIA

so happy i am so happy . LOL i love this update , hahahhaa
man !! look at hongki's expression , it's just too pricelesss man ! hahaha
love you nae namja <3 style="color: rgb(0, 204, 204);">alamak !
i haven't doing a "real" LOL what the heck with"real" photoshop
hahha i mean , doing stuff like iconning , gpxing , and etc . hahaha
somehow , my PS skill is gone nowhere . hahah i need to practice .FIGHTO
and aah !! last night , i was so bored and really didn';t want to study .
i open my photoshop and forcing my self to do A GPX
hahaha T__T yeah forcing , because i am so envyyyy~~with people who can make a really great gpx , hahaha like lia or cha onni and fei onni, they are so dang amazing man !!!!
i am their fans . hahahaha seriously i am their fan . hahaha <3 style="color: rgb(255, 153, 0);">click click , kkk i miss them so so so so so muccchieee
kekek LET'S get it started girls!!PARTYYY YEAAAH !! hahah and camwhore of course
LOLs we love IT , you know IT !
gosh i really reallyy hate this connection . dang !
fiuh these are some of not so much of my works last night xDD

and a banner xDD
i really like this word