feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Thursday, December 25, 2008 @ 2:19 AM
dimana kamu ?
ah seriously ~ miss him already T____T
aduh aku taaakut :(
gmaana kalo dia ga mo bicara lagi ama aku ?
i don't know what to do .
i reallly miss my matahari

ah okay . ~ i should post something interesting and happier right ?
hahahahah XDD
ah wait . it's 25th dec today . merry xmas to everyone that celebrate it . may you have a great day =3

so well ~
YESTERDAY ~ i watched twilight for the 2nd time XD
hahaha and i was like . "when will the baseball scene?" kekeke i just love that scene MAN ! .
hahah okay :D
and i found that jasper bloody hale is just so owaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i love him . hahha XD well i love THE CULLENS . kekekke

i need more money to buy the next books . kekekek
mommy gimme money ~
and so ~ umm. yesterday, i cooked bulgogi XD with instant spicies , lols , and with chicken , and so it's like chix bulgogi XD , and i made my own bibimbap , LOL s
ah sadly , unfortunately ~ i just TOO LAZY to post it . hahah XD
oh mygosh . i want a boyfriend like edward cullen , gimme one please . HAHAH <-- makanan apa?XD ah and i need my HOLIDAY ~~~ mom told me that ~~ I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE !
oh P L E A S E <-remember mc mong i was just too afraid , honestly but mom was likee , keep forcing me to do it ~ D: ah what should i do ?? huhu ~~ and this pic just drove me crazy T_T what a beach
gosh gosh T___T

oh i need to sleep it's 2.45 am here

you are my life now ,