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Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 8:26 PM
100 Q&A
tagged by sooey and laifun ~

001. Real Name: Maulidita Rizki Putri
002. Nickname(s): dita , tata , dithong , tahong , hongta ,
003. Age: 16
004. Horoscope: virgo
005. Male or Female: Female
006. Elementary: SDN 1 Lhokseumawe ; SD Supriyadi Medan
007. Middle School: SMP SUPRIYADI MEDAN
008. High School: SMA HARAPAN 1 MEDAN
009. College School: still dunno
010. Hair colour: brownish black ? hahaha more black
011. Long or Short: short for now hihi
012. Loud or Quiet: hahahaha XDdepends
013. Sweats or Jeans: jeans
014. Phone or Camera: phone
015. Health Freak:eh?
016. Drink or Smoke: nonono
017.Do you have a crush on someone: yeah ~
018. Eat or Drink: both
019. Piercings: ears
020. Tattoos: temporary XD HAHHA
021. Social or Anti-Social: halah
022. Righty or lefty: apa ini kanan kiri ?
023. First piercing: about in kindergarten XD haha
024. First relationship: never TT.TT
025. First Best Friend: annis
026. First Award:top 1 in elementry hahaha
027. First Kiss: never T^T
028. First Pet: dont have
029. First Big Vacation: medan-muarasipongi-lubuk sikaping-bukit tinggu-pariaman-padangXD
030. First Love at first sight: lupa XD hahah si Iin ya?
031. First Big Birthday: is there ?
032. First Surgery: not that big surgery just small , in the 4th or 5th grade i think
033. First sport you joined: swimming

This or That
034. Orange or Apple juice: Orange
035. Rock or Rap: both
036. Country or Screamo: Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys: both
038. Britney spears or Christina Aguilera: both
039. Night or Day: both
040. Sun or Moon: both
041. TV or Internet: Internet
042. Playstation or xbox: playstation
043. Kiss or hug: can be bothXDDD
044. Iguana or turtle: turtle, hahah sloww cute XD
045. Spider or bee: gee
046. Fall or spring: never feel that T^T so i want both
047. Limewire or iTunes: itunes , i dunno limewireXDDDD
048. Soccer or baseball: soccer ;

049. Eating: mie aceh
050. Drinking: teh botol sosro+aqua
051. Excitement level: medium
052. I’m about to: download videoss~ FT and BOF
053. Listening to: Sorry Sorry - SuperJunior (YAYYY!!)<--same with sooeyXD
054. Plan for today: what online and sleep earlier*i hope i can*
055. Waiting for: next friday night x___x
056. Energy Level: weak
057. Thinking of someone: YEAH
058. Want kids?: yes
059. Want to get married?: yes
060. When?: 25-26?XD
061. How many kids do you want:2
062. Any name on the mind: yeaah
063. What did you want to be when you were little: doctor , but no more now XDD
064. Careers in mind: dunno x___x
065. Mellow future or wild: errrr
066. Something you would never try: kill someone?XDD HAHHA or hmm driving crazily wussh that same with kill your ownself
067. When do you want to die:hanya Allah yg tau

Which is the better in the boy/girl you like (in the future)
068. Lips or Eyes: eyes
069. Romantic or Funny?:in betweenXD
070. Shorter or Taller?: taller
071. Protective or Caring?: 50:50?
072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: HAHAHA molla
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: nice arms
074. Sensitive or Loud?: sensitive ><;
075. Hook-up or Relationship?: Relationship
076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?:apa ini?
077. Muscular or normal: normal

078. Kissed a stranger: no
079. Broken a bone: no
080. Lost glasses or contacts: noo
081. Ran away from home: no
082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: no
083. Killed somebody: no
084. Broken some one’s heart: i hope never
085. Had your heart broken: yeah , one timeXD
086. Been arrested: nopeeeee
087. Cried when someone died: hm yeah
088. Liked a friend more than a friend: hm maksudnya ? oh ga kayaknya

Do you believe in
089. Yourself: yes
090. Miracles: yes
091. Love at first sight: haha XDDDd suka mukanya aja iya
092. Heaven: yes
093. Santa Claus: well no santa claus in Islam
094. Tooth Fairy: ha?bidadari gi2?apa itu?
095. Kiss in the first date: LOL i even never beeen in any date XD
096. Angels: yyeah

Answer Truthfully
097. Is there 1 person you want to be with right now?: hahah yes xP
098. Are you seriously happy with where you’re in life now?: kinda
099. Do you believe in God?: yes
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

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