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Monday, March 9, 2009 @ 1:18 AM
seriously ! i am sleepy and tired ):

so so so today , ah no it's monday already
so sunday ~ i went to cermin beach aka pantai cermin . hahah XDD
my cousins went with her friends while me went with my mom , annis's fam also my uncle
so damn sleepy , so yeah forgive me for the misstype and the error english . hahaha

nothing much i did there
just you know got in into the water
splash splash , and the sand , hahaha you know what will you do when you're in the beach
took a what's that call hmmm . you know with the boat , go around the beach . hahah i hope you get that , hihi
took some photos there but lazyly ~ i haven't resize it , so yeah
hahah too lazy and tooo tired T^T plus i miss him already
it's so hard to meet him lately
>_> i know he's busying with school and stuffs
so yeah i need to understand that
huf sabar - sabar

hey gurls , have you ever take a 500+photos in 30 minutes XD ah no less that 30 mnutes?
hahaha XD that what i did last saturday
you know i love saturday even more when there's no school yeah D< , there's just no benefit school at saturday for me , i mean , if i if I didnt choose the wrong class the wrong one , aaaaah i think saturday gonna be more fun , ha T^T so yeah like every saturday , we always go to ahmad yanni to shoot shoot and shoot but then what did i do ? hahaha of course bring my digicam and click click whatever i wantXD hahahah so yeah wdya brought her laptop last saturday , coz she want to copy BOF the newest episode from me , hahaha , so yeah after that when it's break time for her class and my class , we were camwhore like crazy XD hahah man i love this so much yeah you know that selfca-ing is so much funn . hahahahah and we are narsis , we know that XD hahaha wait it's just beetwen me , wdya , pu2t and sabila what about with mala , and fildzah haha we took about 20+ photos . hahaha XDDDD that day i also went to a wedding party eldina's bro wedding party went there with annis ,tary and ezha hahaa my bro was being a driver for us that day hahah since it's his bday LOL so yeah ezha was wearing kebaya man she looks a lil bit over *maap ye buk* hahaha XDDD she looks like our auntie hahahahaa , we call her "auntie2 auntie "all the time LOLOL at the wedding party , the foods were soooooooo delicious , and so many choice yeah hahahah ice cream , pudding , satay , siomay , martabak , etc etc woaaa YUMMY . hahahaha :D after when to that wedding party , we went to BHR (blossom hill residence) just to take some photos LOLXD hahahah saturday was really a camwhore day . hahaha >D<>_> bloodddy connection T^T
annis , me , ezha , tary

tooo tired , i think i am gonna sleep now