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Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 9:33 AM
bolos itu enak XDD*ditabok*
selamat pagi selamat siang selamat sore selamat malam
HELLO EVERYBODEH ~~ how are you doing , i hope you guys fine , HAHAHAH
wo i sound so happpy yeah ~ yeaaah just for this time until 1 pm i think , hahaha
coz after that i have shooting ~~ it's not end yet ><;
i want to end it as soon as possible so i can go home ASAP tooo and go online and go chatting and go SKYPE , hayooo sapa yg mo skypean ama aku nanti malam >D hahaha
siszy , poppy , tiwie , SKYPEAN YOOKKK =D HHAHAHAH
mari kita menggila coy , mau mau ?? *wink*
so i did the skype last night with poppy , hahaha
she shared the pic on her blog but then i want to put it in my blog tooo , hehehe ;D
we are cute , aren't wi ? LOLOLO narjis ah dita XDDD
udah baekan kan pop ? hahah nanti malem seneng2 lagi nyook hahahha XDD
nant aku kasih es krim LOLOLOL

hmmm , i just finished cook the "cubit cake" haha the the mixture(adonan?) made by my mom but the one who put in on the i dunno what's it call , something like to cook the bread , or whatever lah , anyway , it tastes so yummy , hahaha so girls , now you know , why my blog name is DITAISSOYUMMY , hahah because almost everyday i talk about foods , YUMMEH XDD LOLOLOL
i am sure ,when you are with me , HAHAH you guys become , what we call that , hmm never out of stock of food LOL , my english is messy XDDD HAHAHA
and and , omygosh , i have no time , i must write the letter as soon as i post this , but theeeeen i forgot T_T i havent but the paper and envelope T_T aaaah aaah ~~ this evening maybe , if my mom want to accompany me , i will go to buy it T_T ah stupid dita
ah ah ah ~~ ><;
and and i have another homeworks too
to make a short story aka cerpen
ah that's so JSHAKJHAKHKSAHSKA because , i can write maaan !!
oh , and kak shi2 is in medan now , but then i dunno her number , coz i lost it T_T
kak sms2 lah , ketemuan kita nyook
ah i was like listening to JUMP UP all day , hahaha
like what they said , nappeun yeoja is so addicting
really addicting melody ~ FTISLAND boys said so .
oh it's 14 feb , tommorow is 15th FEBRUARY
what's that mean ?:?
aarghh i really can't wait for tomorrow , omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg ~~
i wonder what will they wear , and i got the info that the comeback stage's songs are 나쁜 여자 and missing you !!! TOTALLY MY FAV SONGSS ~~~ <3 hahahahah
it will be nice if they perform all the 6 songs , hihi <3
aaaaaaah hongki opppaaaa 보고싶다~~
나쁜 여자 is playing , hahahahah . his part HAAAA I YAAA is so mucchie <333333

and and i cannot wait for next week , because BOYS OVER FLOWERSSS
aaaaah 구준표~~like what hannah ever wrote on her personal message@ MSN
준표앓이~LOL remind me of FTISLAND's 사랑앓이 , ㅎㅎㅎ
it's getting more more interesting ,
woaaaaaaa junpyo junpyo <33 he's so hot yeah ,. hahah
hongki's new hairstyle remind me of junpyo's
dont tell me it's a trend in korea now , hehehe XDD
ah we are strangers now is playing by kim kyung rok , still love this song *random*
haha so back again to BOF , hihi
oh my cousin is coming, hHAHAHa hello javier ,
hihi cutest child ever , LOL . ah *random again*
back to junpyo and bof , man !! what if junpyo is real ? his hm evil and angel side*LOL bahasa ku*
i like his character , ah from what all i've seen
the taiwan , japan and now korea ,
hm i like the korea one , XD the japan is so good tooo ~
hahah i love both !
both so good , heheheh :D
i made some icons of boys over flower , XD LOLOL


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