feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Friday, February 13, 2009 @ 9:49 PM
new skin yay XDD peek a boo XDD
haha well finally i choose this skin
kinda , hmm plain ? LoL whatever
this one is pretty nice , heh ? haha i want to add the banner but later
haven;t make it , hehehe(probably will use that pic above hihih)
the combine of the blue and blue-green , i like it . hahaha
he's mine not yours
hahaah see? i am cruel , what the heck dita , hahaha
MAN !! you should buy the jump up album
it's so so so LOVE , ahhaha i downloaded , but hey , i buy it too okey
i really love the "missing you" track and "마법(magic)" and "이형 처럼(like a doll)"
missing you ; man hongki's voice is so love , his voice is like irreplaceable for me , so powerful , so unique , so can touching my heart , so so so on
and their music's skill is improved , really improved , i can hear how great jonghun's guitar , minhwan's drum and jaejin's bass
and seunghyun ~ his rap is somekind remind me of wonbin
and his voicee is cool man , the rap is cool too =D
i like his rap@마법 , cute cute , i somehow heard superman / haha XD
the lyrics has been shared , but i din take a look yet , hahaha
yaay ~~ !!!
i really can't wait the jump up arrive at my home and and pentastick
my money was all gone
mama ~~~~
what should i sell to get some money ?
food? hahaha
i really need it T_T
honey ~ the curly hair ~ not really suit with you , but yeah at the end i will say " cuteee" XDD LOL

ah pengen ketemu lagi ama kalian .

okay then haha
dunno what to write more
ah i haven't write the letter to abang wonbin T_T
abang ~~ i miss you already
abang kapan mulai solonya
bang oh bang , *pelok2*