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Monday, January 19, 2009 @ 9:23 PM
monday , mondei
monday monday !!! every 2 weeks of monday , we always have a ceremony , flag ceremony . and as always , i play the recorder in ansamble line . fiuh ~ sometime i got the wrong note XD haaha i am not that good , LOL . what am i good at ?
wanna tell what happen yesterday , coz today nothing really interesting ,except i got a temporary tatoo today . >_< hahah just for fun , but it looks so ugleeh maybe i will erase it few days later ~ my poor rp.20.000 money , T_T stupid me .
then yesterday ~ annis asked me to go out with her sister and tary and i agreed with that . keke
i was so happy because it's been a long time since i met them . hoho ,esp tary ,
we were planning to sleep over in my house last holiday , but then , that plan never happen . hahah , we are so busy ya know XD
then i arrived to sun plaza first , and i called annis , so she said that she's on the way ~
then i went to QQ to have some drink and before that i went to gramedia and finalllyy i found new moon hahaha . i was looking for it , i bought eclipse but it still not open yet , haha new moon is so addciting really . haha , then i was waiting for them , and not long after that , they came . haha and then we decided to have a photo studio shoot , keke it's reallly been a long time since we had that .haha , so we have so much fun , but then , when we got the result , we dont really satisfy with it , that"abang potograper" isn't that profesional -_- even ai(tary nickname) can took even better than him !! HAHAHAH .
wooo the photo's studio is really really HOT , when we finished it , we're like , omygosssh so hot , XD hahah we must selamatkan our poni when we're inside the studio , so we dont care about how hot inside it , hahaha
after that we went to have some food , and yess fried chicken ~~ haha the best XD
and suddenly we remember our 2nd grade junior high school friend , penny ~ hahah shortie penny , lols
we called her and then luckily she's in sun plaza too , so we decided to meet . haha XDD
and she's never change , so hyper and so loud . hahaha XDD and her half smile of monalisa , LOL
yeaah we had so much time at the time . hahaha . i went to annis's house , my dad will pick me up there andd ~ then XD kak ayu aka annis's sist , told her mom to cut my poni coz it's tooo long . hahaha so she cut it XD so i have a short poni now , kekek 8D
^tary dita annis , bekawan dr sd ! haha since elementery school
^annis dita k'ayu
^ hahaha you can found the different type of us and that's penny . kekeke shortie penny XD

ah ya today .
what the teachers explained today ddint really get in my head
i was like reading new moon when indonesian's time *hahah dont follow me , kekkeke bad student* XD and i continue it during the rest time , haha .
mala treated us today @ joko solo , kekek ayam penyet , yummy and spicyyyy
love it ! haha
man , beside me the chemistry's book is opening but then i dont know what to do , i really want to understand , but still can't T_T that's terrible . and i am so dizzy so tired ,
nothing really i;ve done today , but then so tireddddddddddddd ~~~
bua byeeeeee yeoreobuuunnn~~
saranghae !

satu langkah untuk perubahan , semangaaat !!!

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