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Saturday, January 17, 2009 @ 2:47 PM
poppy sang that song for meeeh , hahahah thank you dear ;3
well on thursday night? hahaha . we had 2 night to skype . lols . ah befor i start , forgive my messy grammar and vocab and i will mix it with indonesian, haha my type of blog post , english-indonesian mix.HAHAH.so random eh , x3,ah i saw my name on poppy's blog , with her new layout,that's so pretty and make me want to eat it*loh?* XD haha so pure and white and PINK,my fav my fav,hahah.and hongki's fav too,hahah and the pink soft,the most i like.hahaha.ah i will replied pop,what did you say about me on your blog,hahaha waha , he wants to make jealous , LOL pop,you seriously make me GR already,aduh ngapain juga ah dipikirin dia , tadi malam juga udah lupa pop , sapa siyh dia , LOL.hahaha. nothing really big thing .kekeke
and pop i think we need search and sing a song that really fit our type of voice , no not davichi .hahah i like theeem but not so match with my voice .hahahahaa.
so today's really really a boring day . no use went to schol today , just for sitting and i was like reading the Maryamah Karpov when the teacher's explaining . man he was like just explain the matery to the right side table row, so well i just read the novel . hahaha and listening to my ipod and watching some old FTISLAND's old MV , aaaaah when i watched the UNTIL YOU COME BACK MV , i almost , almost loh , almost cry ); huhu , the ending part just so so so mengharukan T__T . hiks , then my cameramen teacher came up and said to us "who want to record the acting class' and they're like "dita,Pak , dita" so okay , i took the camera and went to the acting class ,seriously the camera is not that ringan *ringan apa woy bahasa inggrisnya?lupa saya* , it's quite heavy man , my hand was like pegal sekali . and what the heck , when i came to the acting class, they just finished their task. i was like "man , what am i doing here" ihh Pak . sebel aku ama bapak lah --; . ga enak kan pak diliatin ama anak2 acting.*ih pede kali dita*
then ~tak lama kemudian *lupa aku bilangin nya pake english* the bell rang . and YAAAY finally , come home . hahaha bye bye school . HAHAH ,then i call my mom , but she still at home , so i have to wait for her and my dad -_-;,so then my cousin told me to call mom again and said that we'll wait at sun plaza and dad okay with that . after sedikit ribut2 mulut dikit sama, eh bukan ribut mulut juga siyh , plin plan , bilangny A tiba2 B , aih , akhirnya kita ke sun plaza naek mobilny mala . so then when we arrived , we went to pinky , an accesory shop . hahah i bought myself a new phonestrap , not really pretty , it looks so manly i think , hahah one is the ulrtramen and the other is the alphabet of H , guess who's the H . hahah you guys know it right ?if not leem gimme you some , apa yah XD ah itu lah . hahaha i will post the pics on the end of my post , and oh yeaaah !!!! this morning the sky was so pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i can't stand to take pic of it , orange-ish color , the morning sky , i love ittt !! sky is just so wonderful . Subhanallah ~ maha suci Allah , sky is so so can make me speechless, so amazing , hehehe /
and also i want to tell you what happened yesterday , haha so this' like two days in one post , hahaha to make my post looks longer , hahaa.yesterday , my mom picked javier , you know javier right my lovely cousin , but now he's like a bit lasak , and always move here and there and i dont really stand of children yg lasak , walopun my mom said that , i just was like javier when i was a balita . hahaha x3 my mom picked me up yesterday , and i was a lil bit suprised , hahah there is javier ,salsa and farhan , hahah my 3 lil cousin . kekeke
so then we went to Papa ron's to eat some pizza and pasta . but then farhan was like "boleh2 , enak distu,kemaren makan disitu" XD tapi pas nyampe disana , dia cuma makan dua potong pizza, pas aku kasih fettucini , agak agak ga mau dia , and then my mom was like'tau gitu tadi makan KFC aja kita" hahahah x3 well yeah like that .
so the thursday night , i told u right that i skyped with poppy and ah we webcamed also .hahahx3
so i took my digicam and took some pics. haha x3 .
oh ya tadi hmm tu kan lupa , tadi mo crita banyak tapi udah lupa .__.
masih kurang panjang niyh . hahah oh yesterday was mala's bday . hahah x3
i took some picture when she cut the cake . keke at school tepatnya di warkop bang denny XD haha
yesss surprise . LOL but then i can join them too long coz you know , my mom picked me with my lil cousins
so now the pictures time . hahaha :3
guys , do u know what??
when i'm typing this post , the lamp suddenly turn off , or the light is off *aka mati lampu* , i hate mati lampu , dunia terasa sangat gelap -_-;
Indonesia Indonesia . eh salah Medan !!! medaaaan udh mulai mati lampu giliran lagi kah kau?benci aku ama kau , jgn kau ganggu hidupku*mulai lebaynya* . aihh
aaah sundaaay !!!! annis asked me if i can join her and tary , hahahah of course
oh after waiting for about 1 hours . the lamp is finally on .
YAAAAAY ~~ hahaha


it';s mean before i auto edit it x3

mala cut the cake 8D

my new handphone strap :D

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