feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 10:57 PM
i listen to the pretty girl by kara a whole day .
girl pretty girl ~ nan beautiful girl YEAH YEAH XD hahaha
i am late i am late wth yeah
if we don't praise ourselves then who else will praise us ? hahahaa is that so girl?*wink* hahah for people like me HAHHAA yeah yeah
today school is just so so , hm wait , i bring my laptop , and it's not that light T_T so heavy yeah , mama buy me the smaller one *get kicked* and i watched boys over flower ep 4 haha but how stupid i am , i didnt download the part 5 and 7 hahahah so it cut when i watched it , LOLLOL
and then cyndi and ayu watched togetha with me , and they were like "OWAA SO CUTEEEEE" , pointed to kimbum . hahaha kimbum is so cute , i know right !! his dimple is just too deep , wew .
okay from left to the righ - lee jun - kimbum - lee minho - goo hye seon - kim hyun joong -
i watched the ep 4 , and it's getting exciting yeh . hahahah :D
^ hongki's skn is so whiteeeeeeeeeeee hahahaha *scrub my skin * LOL
oh the one is playing in my iTunes , hahaha and it's minhwan part kekeke 8D

my pretty boy . hahahaha :D
hahahah masalah masalah ada aja . selalu aja ada .
tsk swt !
bedoa aja lah woy yg terbaik ,
dibilang disuruh tenang juga gabisa tenang2 kali ,
ga usah sok2 tenang juga aduh g tau lah aku .
think positive selalu aja .