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Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 7:49 PM
sabtu minggu ! saturday sunday !
yoohoooo !!!! today i will post what i've done these 2 days , kekek okay ?*wink*
so saturday go to school as always , cameramen class on saturday , and we went to Ahmad Yani park .this park locates infront of our school,usually we do the sport class there also the cameramen class sometime to take some objects ^^ . so then , mr.Puli ask us to make group and said to take some objects with duration minimal 2 minute , and then we took that ! after that , when we went back to the other friends , i saw an bapak2 (or can it say like an ahjussi XD ) , he was like angry with mr.Puli and the other cameran's friend , and i was like , what the hell is he talking about ? and then 1stgrade student , my junior said that , he was angry because we hamper (menghalangi bnr kan?) his way to jogging , and we're like " so what , is this your own way ?it's public park man ! " he really ruin my day and the others too i think-_-; aah
and then, the others were doing their task and so on , hahaha suddenly too lazy to tell what happen at ahmad yani park XD hahaha
and theeen went home ,and once again i asked my dad weather we'll go to noraebang or not , and he said"okay okay " hahah yaaay !!! XDD
so when it's 6pm , i went tobath and set my apperance*halah* XDD hahaha
i called annis and his family , so yeah 2 families went to noraebang XDDD
we sang like 2 hourss and it's not enoughhh yeah coz , we didnt book it first so yeah , we just can get 2 hours to sing ><;
we sang umbrella , you're beautiful ( changed the lyrics to i'm beautiful LOL) , flying without wings , some indonesian's songs , and dangdut and melayu song and mandarin songs XDD hahah
for dangdut and melayi of course the parents that sang it XD LOL , hahahahaaaha
there is no korean songs in nav family karoke -_-'
ughh ><;
took some pictures , kekek ;D
todayyy !!! went out with annis , ai and k ayu, ah my mom and annis's mom also there and my cousins , zur and javier , kekeke XD
so todaay !!!! i missed a chance i missed a chance to see AFGAN yeaaah ><; aaaahhhh
AFGAAAAN T__T it's already about many times i miss the chance to see him , arghh ,
my mom want to go home early that's why i can't see him, ugh sebaaal T_T .
ah and yes tomorrow is one day off !!! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR , HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ~
when i was junior high school student , it will be one week off haha but now just one day
*woaaaaaaaa T__T today my english is getting worse isnt it T__T *

well then ~
pics time , . kekeke
from last week XD HAHAHA . i just got to copy the pics from ai today :D


today's pics
with my cousin , hahaha you guys know his name right ?? *wink*

yeaaah done !!! hahahahahaha XD
tomorrow i need to study math and chemistry also , i am going to use power point to do some taks T__T
it's not a day off !!