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i'm lost in your eyes
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 @ 9:47 PM

i guess i am being this lazy lately
-_- hahaha
man today today ! XDD it done yeah yeah ,
i was trembling all the way , before and after on the stage , ㅎㄷㄷ ㅠㅠ
i did it i did it , and i just went out to join the ansamble team , hahah
i dont want think of it yeah
man man ,
i am so dizzy right now -_-
like seriously , my day is being so boring lately , and my english is being worse okay ! T__T what should i do??
like there is nothing new , always the same , when when i really need someone to speak out , T__T there is no , aaaah
ah i want to change the blog skin , but have no idea what theme should i choose and lazy to change the html *seee , the lazyness come strikes me again *
hey move on , omygosh i am being so random now -_-
and i dunno what should i type in this post to make this looks longer hahaha , yeah force it , LOL with nothing special , lol with some lame lame lame jokes and so on
ah tomorrow is our school's bday
hiduplah yayasan pendidikan harapan
kekal abadi selama2-nya
Photobucket look ! what is this?? can you guys guess it ? hehehe XDDD
drum drum drum papapapapaprapaaa ~~ XD
that's my first cake that i made by myself XD HAHAHA
not really good looking but hey it tastes nicee yeaah XDD my mom and my cousin said so and my dad too and ofcourse Myself XDD HAHAHAHA Photobucket
heheheh yeah yeah . FT ISLAND Let's GO
i seriously love this loveft-i collaboration
hihi our voices sound so harmonize and and so beautiful yeah , hahaha
we are cool ! XDDD
ah ah HANGAJIMAL is playing , like seriously my fav song of ft island , hahah XD well i love all , but when i listen to this , my heart keep thumping thumping , hahahahah
weird? NO XDD it's because hongki , aih aih , blame him hahahah *hugs hongki*
OPPPAAAAA what's wrong with your hair by the way , it's turning curly or what??oppa oppaa hajima hajima , ah no i think it must be stylist 언니들~or is it concept? but but look at jaejin's hair , it's better man !! i really love his hair , hahahaha
ah something wrong with my blog , suddenly it said 'could not contact blogger.com' heck yeah
or is it my bloody connection?? dang dang !
oh it's normal again , haha i sound so lame ne -_-
ne ga hangaji mothal neun mal ~~ 내가 한가지 못하는 말

hey hey girls , so about hm last weeks i think , when i passed a road , on the way home i saw this bilboard so i took the pic XD haha it said PRIMADONA , ah not double NN but yeah still XDD
^ oppa oppaa , hahah you're so ridiculous <3 hahahaha
okay then

bye bye XDDD