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i'm lost in your eyes
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Sunday, February 15, 2009 @ 6:29 PM
missing you ...
hahahahh padahal belom sempet di isi udah ke post sendiri dia , ada2 aja
today i went to sun plaza with my mom and my cousin
we had lunch there , fast food x__x not good not good
but hey , we are hugry okay and we need the fast one . hahahaha
and then we went straight to the gramedia to find letter paper
but then what we got ???
i got nothing x___x gramedia doesnt sell it T_T
i smsed wdya and i was like " wdya , what should we do if we can't find the paper" aaargh
i really need to find it ASAP
tomorrow after go to discussion in AVINS i will go to sun plaza again
must find it T__T

and then when i arrived home
i realized that today is ft island;s comeback
so i quickly online and then open youtube and YATTAAAA
Man i was like really antipacing it
and they perform MISSING YOU first
ohmygosh i really love this song and the performanced it
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i really love this perf
they looks so awesome yeah
and then secondly they perform bad woman
gosh , it's hmm how to say
i like the missing you one better
hongki oppa's hair when bad woman perf was just like go jun pyo

man before i go to the sun plaza
i was browsing @ soompi kan
and then i was browsing the ulzzang thread
gosh ><; i want to be like them i mean good looking face in camera hahahaXD maybe they can be my next mission HAHAH i have a mission star from tomorrow wish me luck everybodeh ><; i still can not say what my mission is T_T haha thanks to someone who did a skype call on last saturday someone who made me think this stupid mission someone who skyped with me on 1-2 am in the morning someone who really a curious boy hahaha he's just like my bro , hahaha does he think the same way like me , just like sister brother , heheh :D okay then pictures anyone . hahaha ME ME PhotobucketPhotobucket

me with headscarf aka jilbab and without glasses , hehe
i took this at school when there's no teacher , hehe

and my namchin XDD

^ i really love this pic , hahaha he's mine !!! 내거야아아아아아아아아아아!!!
no touch no touch .
i made that pic as my hp's wallpaper