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i'm lost in your eyes
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Sunday, March 1, 2009 @ 2:39 AM
all i do
so i was playing the songs in my iTunes and found melody's song
i remembered sis recomend this song
such a deep song
all i do kimi ga suki
all i do is thinking about you
all i do is liking you
all i do is loving you
time show 2.41 am right now
and i still awake , man , i miss him already
and i know it so hard to meet him later
i know i know , that's why , today i felt a lil bit weird
campur aduk gado gado lah .

ah ,
went to roemah bamboe to meet tary and cs
she invited her school friends
and i was like being ditch
well , something like that yeah
it's different afterall
i mean , hmm , the high school senior and junior high school friend

well took some pictures with the girls
well , kinda not really in good mood in this day
dunno ah gara2 kabang niyh T_T

i recommend word challege@facebook
it's so fun , hahah i keep play it , and keep rush with the times
and i enjoyed it ^^

what if ya , kalo kalo
dia nemu ini and dia bisabaca itu huruf gmana yah
wey acem?
pusing ah aku ._.
it's sunday already
and then monday and then tuesday , always , always
i hate monday
and then tuesday
geeee , i hate it jeongmalyo !
kabang kabang T_T kangeeeeenn

ah whatever !!!




experiments ;
i like the light effect