feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 @ 7:07 PM
sorry sorry !!
gosh this song is really addicting hahaha
i feel like wanna dance everytime i listen to this song yaaay <3><; ngapal ngapal ngapal memorize memorize . ughhh T^T i am so slow in memorize yoooo >_>
and i havent take a bath too ughhhhh bad smeel yoo >_> hahah sorry girls o:
i miss online , but then sometime , i feel lazy to go online , oh my god , i hate this , i have someone that i wait but then that person , never show up yo , hf hf hf , that's so tired yo , cape deh buk
ah i feel like reallly neeed a holiday , a vacation man ! anything lah , i hate this always do the same things EVERYDAY ><; aaaaah . i miss chatting from morning until the morning again , hahaha , only can do it in holiday right , but then that vacation/holiday will hard to come , i know yeah my school is so stingy about this thing awwww
hey you little boy , look at me !!!
what the heck yo ! hahah
this little boy is so freaking cute man !!
love at the first sight , hahaha well not love i mean just like , when you see a cute boy passsing you and you were like"awww cute boy" silently hit your friend beside you
that happened to me yo , hahah that boy
hahah i don't know his name *hahah tau tapi ga gtu jels namanya sapa*xDDD
he's so dang cute my man !
i have two crushes in my juniors
lolol pedo mode onXDD
it's okay right *winks*

i misss chat with you girlsssss
aah T___T

i swear i love you , hahah a
you know it right ? hehehe

his hair is back straight again
hahaha and i really love it
hahah and i was like , hmm want that kind of hairstyle
hahaha so straight yo , and the short style
really suit him , hihi <3333>

he looks like jaejin and seunghyun somehow
hahahah <3

and HONGJAE MOMENT yooo hahaha

hey girls , dont fall for him , hahahah *peace*

i sweaaaar he's so freaking HOT , hahah
he's not that suit with that word ne
hahaha <333
love you oppaaaaa

i must go back to my booksssssssssssssssssssssssssss

see ya