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Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 8:33 PM
cahaya bulan
oh man ! eno is so freaking got baybeh hahahaaha
yes right ! i watched netral's performance last night
it was so freaking awesome hahah at first i was like
hm netral is not really my kind of music so i was just go there without thinking else XD wth
so the hours before the concert
hm me and my friends were like , memorize all the netral's song haha
the songs that we can sing along are " SORRY " , " I LOVE YOU " , and "LINTANG"
haha actually i know all the songs LOL but i can't memorize the lyrics i just know the melody haha
like " cahaya bulan " , "cinta gila" and "pertempuran hati" hahaha
i was just bang my head LOL with the melody
for the opening/begining , it was started on 9pm , haha i;'ve been there since 7pm
2 hours hahah it;s okay , because the opening bands one of the opening band is from my school , heheh that's our senior , they did a great job [=
hm so at 9pm ,so they were all like gathered togethere infront of the stage , i was sat on the upstair , no i mean like sat , you know it's like a hall , so i think you can imagine it hehehe
hm , so .
ENO IS LIKE COMING UP TO THE STAGE AND OMG !! with just wore the his shortpants , without any tshirt or sleeveless like he like to wear , no clothes in the up , what we call that in english , half clothes , okay whatever
and so , he started play the drums and OMG he was just too awesome to be real LOL
his hand so quick , like really quick to kill the drum HAHAHAH
and then the others two came up to the stage
i forgot what song did they sing it first hahahaha
OMG there were so LOUD LOUD AND LOUD
and i was like terbawa suasana . hahaha i screamed a lot too that night hahahaha
i hope i dont lose my voice soon hahaha
hm and , in the middle of the concert , there;'re some people who want to mess the show , i mean like wtf , get your own problem outside ,but not here , we want enjoy the concert
and so the vocalist of netral , if i'm not mistaken , his name is bagus , hm , said to calm down and stay peace [= you rock om hahahXD udah tua dia soalnyee LOL
oh man , i really love that perf last night
i never really think that this will be so ROCK hahahahaha . i was just like "oh yeah yeah , " at first hahaha
i din regret to go that concert last night , freaking ROCK hahahahhahahaa
so yeah
i just can upload one pic because , i havent edit it and resize it
last night was awesome
buttt the sad thing , i can';t meet my classmatee