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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 @ 6:47 PM
five treasure island

today i will post a long long long entry hahaha wish me luck gosh
man it's already 2 yearssss 2 years
i can say it's a long time since i can not betah dengan satu orang
omg i can't believe it's already 2 years heehe
hongbaba ily more and more hahah a
lemme tell you a story about the historical '14 april 2007'
so at the time i was a suju fans *iamstilltoday* haha but i am officially a PRIMADONNA now :D
so i was like foruming @ a suju forum and i was like want to click a topic
the topic was about there's a boy who looks like kangin
so i was like so hyper*hahahkanginwasmyfavbeofre*hehehe and i was like OMG HE'S SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE even cuter than kangin hahahahah
so i found out that he's a vocalist for a band . i was like A BAND ? A BAND man ~ hahahah and directly when i know their forum which is loveft-i . I JOIN and stay all day i remember it's saturday night hm or sunday haha :3 i joined and then i found their old selfca and other stuffs there
it made me love them more and moreeee omg i was like so so loveeee them
after that they debuted i really want to see their showcase @ mnet
and i waited for hours to watch it but the broadcast was delayed or something man i was so sad that time ):
ahai ~ remember for the first time i heard hongki sang FT ISLAND and wonbin too i was like goosebumps and scream hahahahah
and for their debutt *faint* hahahaha
OMG T_T FT ISLAND I L Y guysssss
oh i feel like wanna cry *huks*
many many things happen for the pas 2 years
thanks god i can met them onceee hahahaha butuh perjuangan besar buat itu >_>
only 9 months after i like them i can meet them
bad and good things happened
suddenly what i want to post is gone somewhere because too many things to share about
but i forgot *iamaforgetfulpersoniknowit* T_T
man i really thanks for know ftisland , coz i really got a lot of friends
and now they will be and forever will be ma best friends ~
YOU GUYS ROCK !! aduh aduh .
only fti who can take my money fly somewhere haha for the 1st time , their cheerful sensibility is the 1st korean album that i bought . i am so proud of it LOL
whattheheckamitalkingabout -_-;


ft island :

what should i write again , huh ?
i am not that good at words and stuffs
so that someone maybe you XD think that i am a what's that called scared person maybe?hahahah

♥이홍기 ♥FT아일랜드 ♥