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Tuesday, April 14, 2009 @ 9:43 PM
it's not that

hahah listening to hong , hyun and hun @ shim2 tapa hahaha
guys what i said about the prev post
honestly , it's not that i forget abut what to share hahah
it's because when i want to write it , i will think to the english words too , so yeah hahahahha
i think you can get what i mean *sigh* my english lish lish lish bad d d d d d d
it's getting worse . you can compare it to the other prev post hehehe
i need to study and learn and study english
to YOU who fluent in english TEACH ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE
i really need it .
ah now i realized , english is not AN EASY thing . sigh sigh
oh my brain lemme write a long long long long entry hehe
omg hongki's sound is so cute , hehe a radio should contract him as their DJ hehe maybe with seunghyun hehehe they are so good at this thing . hoho
many honghyun's moment lately hahah and hongchul
LOL listening to his voice make me smiling ling ling heheh
hahaha omg and seunghyun omg >_> i really want to laugh out loud hahah
shindong shinyoung hahah omg
they need to come to other radio hahahah go go DJ HONGHYUN hahahhaha
they were like playing an audio fanfic or something like that haha so cutee
eventhough i can't understand all of their conversation haha
i just laugh when they start to laugh kekeke
i hope i din get mess with seunghyun and jonghun's voice hahah XD
their voice sounds alike hehe
hm and random thing ~ i want to change my blog skin
but i havent find the right one *hahah i even havent start to find it* hehe

next weeekkkk holiday hahahah
where will i go yeah hahahah
i really need to breath fresh air hahahaha
aah i miss my oppppaaa
and today so tired
ah i dunno what to write more
ah i hate this part of mine
suddenly lost of mind aih aih ah
SORRY SORRY hahaha it's so cute to see hongki and suju dance a lil bit @inkigayo hahahah
hongchul is so ^*%*&%*(


hongki oppa be careful hahaha
i really like it omg
they laugh so hard@shim2 tapa
i really want to know what're talking about >_>

oh you know what guys hahahahhaha
today my mom picked me up from school yeha
and and after that when right after i got into the car
my mom was like " do you want to drive it "
hahah i was like " OKAY " hahaha
did i tell you ? i am learning to drive YEAAAH haha
soon i will get my SIM or hm what it's called , hmm the card ah whatever you call it haha
so it's the first time , driving from schook to home hahah it took 1 hoursss gee gee gee
i was so nervous that time haha and i was like DOWN hahahahah
but it successs yaaaaaaayyyyyy
so happy so happpy *dance dance*

hm lately i listen to vierra's songs all day
so addicting
esp perih , bersamamu , dan rasa ini
LOVE IT kekekek

ah time to end the post lkekekekek

and i will do the tag2 later girls <333