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Saturday, July 19, 2008 @ 8:40 PM
wahahahahaa i am eating happytoss while writing this
wakakakakaa*lebay* XDD hehehee...
i went to school today,but nothing important swt-_-'
just waste the time,ah well~finally i know the who is the form teacheer
gaaah~~he's so ga asik~really~huhu i miss my old form teacher PAK ANDDYYY~~~
he is the most handsome teacher ever,lol~XDD
also,we choose class chairman and the lucky guy is Arief,hahahah baek2 ya pak arepXDD LOL~

i finished recording the collab~hahahaha*peace*
after that ,i sleep over the day~it's like mm 4 hour maybe hahahaaa.
and wakae up on 8 pmXDD LOL~
so sleepy todaay ~i always yawn at school today~
ah also i choose cameramen for student's self improvement*ngasal* maksudnya pengembangan diri gtu,hahahaa
i will post hongki unnie pic,lol~~
he become prettier lately~i envy you unniee~upps oppaa~~hahahaa
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