feels like i'm falling and i,
i'm lost in your eyes
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Friday, July 18, 2008 @ 7:51 PM
hoowaa it's been such a years since my last post ne~
hahha ok ok i know i am lazy hahahha
ignore m -_-'

i am at xi ipa 5 now
hahah new class but not with new friends,haha because all of them are in the same class with me last time,oh wait ,well not all of them,most of them,hahahaha

i feel so satisfied*lega bukan siyh artinya*
lol i dont know why
just feel a lil bit happy
but not with the lesson,i have such a bad feeling with that T^T
god help mee~huhu

lalal i want to change the skin,but~~lateer if i am not lazy anymore hehehe,
hope i can update this one a day or maybe more,kkk
lemme post one of my pic
kkk,this glasses is siszy aka siszoi,lol~~haha i want that too~but i didnt buy it last time when i were in jakarta ,huhu T^T,ah also,siszy make up the headband ,so it's look like hongki's hoho <3 love ya sis~~and it hers too hahahaa

edit with my hubby's gif
hehehee remember of the bday party@malaysiaa
kyaaaa he replied my peacee
i was like want to faint that timee
omg omg~~